Is SEO Strategies Making Your Head Spin For 2010

I was looking desperately for a while now trying to find the latest website optimization tactics out there. But who truely understands how it all works? I mean it is not likely that the search engine creators are going to share this information. If they did then it would become worthless with so many sites created exactly the same trying to manipulate the search engines in there favor. So what do you listen to when you do find advice? which ever gets you to the top and does not get you pushed down by search engines.

See, I have heard just about everything under the sun about SEO. Tricks like making your keywords stand out is said to work well but how much. Doing this by itself will not get you anywhere fast. I see people linking their keywords to sites like Wikipedia but that only helps them not you. This is one of the reasons why their website can usually be found on the top of results of most keyword results. Then there is the issue of keyword density. Some say ten percent or so of text should contain your keywords and others want more used. Sure, you can not just type in your keywords sixty times in your pages but when is enough really enough?

Now there is also the idea that say you should have your keyword phase in your url. This strategy can be successful to some websites but there are a bunch of pages that can get listed above them without the keyword being seen what so ever. So doing this does not make it that easy. There has to be more to it.

The search bots still reads your meta tags title and descriptions. Or you can let the search engines figure out what to display. For me I use the meta tags because it seems to work better. If not then make sure you put what you want to be on page one on in the first view sentences of content to make it easy for the search bots to know what your site is about.

Oh, and don’t forget about all those blackhat tactics for optimization people use. You know like filling a site with really small text loaded with keywords or stuffing tons of keywords in the alt code in pictures. That stuff succeed for a short while and then you get taken to like page 500 or so. Take it from me, I would avoid any of those techniques.

It seems like fresh unique content with free backlinks from reliable sites are still the only wat to do it. Updating your content regularly will keep the search bots coming back. Backlinks will let them know how admired your website is. But your links should come from different places. Be sure to mix it up with quality links from forums, review sites, videos, blogs, article directories and more. There are more things that can be done but those are two of top seo tactics out there.

Well I can go on forever about what webmaster think they know about optimization but what is the point. Just look for what works and when it does then replicate it for all of your websites and all inner pages you have. With a little trial and error you could end up on page one in a few weeks or so.

If you would like to learn the basics of SEO for your web pages then check out our how to seo a website page for help. You can also build up your links by heading over to the buy backlinks page.

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