Making Money Blogging As A Journalist

Blogging has become a lucrative career for some people these days. Most of them have quit their day jobs just to concentrate on writing posts which are earning them huge commissions from the ads they post on their blogs. The question for most people planning to follow suit, however, is not how to start a blog but rather what to blog about in order to get more readers interested in their posts and, of course, to get more clicks and sales from the ads on their blogs. There could actually be many choices that could be considered bankable enough. But a very recent trend that has been emerging is journalism blogging.

Journalism blogging is a way of reporting events through blogs instead of the traditional media such as newspapers, radio and tv. One advantage of journalism blogging is it doesn’t take too long for news of an event to reach the public.

Once the blogger has his information and some images, he is able to upload everything at once and will get the post published in seconds. This speeds up the time that word about the event spreads to people and this makes blogging a very good medium for increasing public awareness about things happening all over the globe.

Another advantage of blogging is for news to be presented with the personal perspective of the blogger. The events are reported from a very human vantage point. Somehow, the event becomes a personal experience even to people who may be on the other side of the globe. It allows for greater sympathy and empathy to be elicited from the public as they watch an event unfold before their eyes and in a manner that is more touching than any other conventional means of reporting.

With blogs, people are also able to give their comments on the event that is being reported. In cases of catastrophes or calamities, this makes a very good venue for people to pool their resources together and be able to help those who are in the most unfortunate of situations.

More voices are heard and more possibilities are explored. Again, reporting incidents like this through traditional means would take a lot of time for help to come but with blogs, everything can be organized in a matter of hours and this is expected to make a very big difference as far decreasing the time it takes to make help available for affected communities is concerned.

When it comes to making money blogging, the question is no longer how to blog but rather how to make blog posts more interesting to people so more traffic comes in and more ads are clicked. With the most interesting stories, making money blogging surely won’t be a feat.

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