Making Money With A Home Based Business As An Affiliate Marketer Is A System , Not A Mystery

Making money with a work from home business as an affiliate marketer is a skill , not a mystery. If you are feeling discouraged because you have repeatedly tried and failed to make any money with affiliate marketing with a Internet home business, you need to understand that the problem is with your technique.

Now, anybody can master a new skill if they apply themselves to it.

What that means is that those who apply themselves to the techniques of making money on the Internet will make money on the Internet, and those who don’t, won’t. And those who apply themselves to the wrong techniques will feel frustrated because they are working hard but getting nowhere fast.

So what are the technique that lead to Internet marketing success?

A quick walk through of the process would go something like this:

1. Find a lucrative niche market . (Most people start with the products. That is the wrong technique.)

2. Find an affiliate product that you think the niche market might want to buy in order to solve a key problem they experience.

3. Throw up a webpage where you focus on the problem and the benefits of solving it. To make this really effective, you need to press your prospects most sensitive emotional hot button in relation to this topic. Do not be afraid to write in considerable detail on this subject. Long copy on websites is not something to be afraid of because it is an excellent way to establish your credibility and expertise as the expert in the field you are dealing with.

4. However, you are not seeking to sell the product. Instead, you are going to offer a solid free and unique report that addresses the problem and the solution in more detail. Invite your visitors to access the report by filling in a simple form on your website.

5. When your prospects fill-in the form to access the report, they will provide you with their first name and e-mail address. Do not ask for too much of their information if you want to get a good response rate. The information will be managed by your auto responder, which will direct the prospects to download page where they can access the free report, or find out how to access it via their e-mail inbox.

6. As well as containing comments of information about the topic of concern, the report will also include links to your product sales page. Remember, the product that you are offering is the solution to the problem under discussion. If you have targeted your market well, and presented them with the information they need, and offered a product which is the ideal solution for them, you can expect to achieve relatively high conversion rates from those prospects who actually open and read the report.

7. At the same time you will be able to communicate with your prospects via your auto responder by sending them e-mail newsletters. You will continue to promote your product via one or two discrete links in the newsletter because not everybody will read the report, and not everybody who does read it will buy the product the first time they are exposed to it.

8. Find new products and services to offer to your list and include information about them in your upcoming e-mail newsletters.

By following and mastering these eight steps you will be setting up yourself the basis of Internet marketing success. Even if your first attempt does not succeed, with practice you will get better at it and get a feel for the things you need to do to generate profitable levels of sales.

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