Proof That Site Build It! Delivers Work At Home Businesses That Are Profitable.

62% of active SBI! sites fall within the top 3% most popular sites on the Internet. 53% are in the top 2% and 35% in the Top 1%.

Site Build It! creates web sites that work, and here is the proof. Below are extracts from SBI! articles. The link for detailed descriptions is at the bottom (there is also a link for free traffic)…

Site Build It (SBI!) guarantees that their Home business process works and backs it up with certified proof of success. However, nothing gets a message across better than the real-world experience of people just like you. This page shows case studies of individual SBI! user experiences, each in their own words. As you review their stories, do more than read the words — read between the lines. Feel the emotion they have for Site Build It!. It is a very rare product that creates the type of intensity you are about to experience.

SBI! helps you find the best Home business to start and provides unmatched online business tools to turn it into a profitable business. Check out sample websites built by SBI!

Profitable results come from sites that WORK. Profits are not generated by sites that merely exist (the vast majority). Site Build It! builds sites that WORK, each with hundreds or thousands of visitors every day. In case you thought the Case Studies and Sample Sites were the “only examples,” here are a few hundred more. All kinds of web sites, for all kinds of SSBs, and all in the Top 1% of all sites (no other company can list hundreds of sites, all proven to be in the Top 1% of all sites on the Web).

Site Build It! (SBI!) sites are largely in the Top 3% and, after one year, SBI! owners have spent a fraction of their time and dollars, compared to other systems. Every bit of that has gone into building a profitable Home Based business, not fighting the barriers. Non-SBI! site owners waste so much time and money chasing the holy grail of traffic. Despite paying all those dollars for “Platinum,” Programmers and Powerful Packages, their sites sit idle, unvisited. If you are more technically minded, you can check out a detailed comparison of SBI! against the high end “Professional Package” of typical, major old-fashioned Web hosting services. Why high end? Because there is simply no comparison at all when you compare Site Build It! against the cheap or free promotions — those are mere lures. Avoid them.

Do you have your own non-SBI! website? How are you doing? You can use this page to find out how your own web site ranks (or that of a friend or associate or competitor, perhaps), compared to 100 million others. Are You In The Top 1%? If you are, you don’t need SBI!. If you have yet to succeed online, though, it’s time to use Site Build It! to attract your own warm, willing-to-buy traffic… people with a particular, pre-defined interest in whatever you sell. And then monetize that traffic, whether you sell e-books, services, hard goods, advertising (Google Ads are extremely profitable), a local business.

SBI! delivers profitable Work At Home businesses. This page proves it in several ways. Every proof shown is well-documented and verifiable, including real contact information and objective documentation by well-known third-party companies. Your Home Based business future is at stake. The rewards of success are high, the penalties of failure (lost time and money) severe. No other company can provide the fair, objective and verifiable proof of success outlined here. Other companies are forced to replace proof with distraction. Do not be distracted by endless technical specifications and the lures of freebies and “$3 domains.” Insist instead upon proof like this.

Successful Work At Home Businesses
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