Recession Proof Your Income With Ardyss International

In today’s economic times people are looking for ways to recession-proof their lives. Whether they are trying to save more money, put children through school, or trying to make ends meet, people are coming up with creative ways to stretch their dollar.

Nikki Bravo, a City of Chicago administrator, knows this as well as anyone given the financial woes facing large urban cities, Chicago is no exception. Aside of her city job she is also an Ardyss representative and health and wellness consultant for Ardyss International, a 20-year old, Mexican-based company, whose flagship product the “Body Magic” reshaping product is creating a buzz for the “miracle” and confidence it creates and the opportunity the company provides for eager entrepreneurs who are ready for something that really works.

Ardyss international is a network marketing business, how did you get involved?

A lot of my friends had participated in network marketing opportunities, I was never interested. I participated as a customer because they were involved. I was introduced to Ardyss by a friend who was telling me about a reshaping product, the Ardyss Body Magic Shaper. I tried it on and I loved it, and then she told me it was a business and then I said, ‘wow I’ll be telling my girlfriends and guy friends about this for free’ so I decided to get involved with the business.

What about being Recession-proof, how did you do it?

Like many other people, with the continued uncertainties of the economy, I have tried to find ways to supplement my income and increase my savings in the event of emergencies. Starting my own business and becoming a distributor with Ardyss has given me the ability to create additional streams of income and share with others how to do the same.

But what about this business in particular?

This [business] hit home for me because I am health conscious, I exercise and try to eat right, but I still had some problem areas. These products emphasize not only the outside but also the inside for an overall approach to better health. Essentially you can look good and feel good as well. With products like the ardyss body magic and Le Vive a health drink that contains 5 super fruits it becomes easier.

Some people may not be into multi level marketing. Is this another pressure sales job?

What is different about this business is you are not really selling, but you are sharing information. You are sharing information with people that can help them.

How much is the financial outlay if I wanted to get involved?

We have a Chicago showcase every Saturday at 2 p.m. at 6300 S. Woodlawn Avenue. We provide a history of the company. We tell you about the products and the business. You can start as member with as little as $30 or really jump start your business with a $300 Power Pack. There isn’t any pressure.

What is the best part of this business?

The best part is seeing people’s reaction. How they feel. It is amazing! It really is about how that person feels. It builds confidence. And it is not just for women, there are garments for men as well.

What are you goals with the company?

BasicallyEssentially, I want to create an organization that helps me and others achieve financial success.

How would an interested person get more information?

Aside from the weekly showcases a person can visit us at which has information and videos about the products and the business opportunity or call Nikki Bravo at 1-888-949-7771.

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