Reconstructing Your Website Has Probems Of Its Own

Normally for beginners,setting up a website is a step by step process that is followed from a plan laid out by a hosting or domain registrationwebsite. These websites offer an all inclusive package that will guide one through the registration process and choosing of a hosting plan.

However, some of us may opt to use different sources to set up our site. We go one place for domain registration, another for hosting and so on.We may even choose to use a site builder from an entirely different company altogether.This is all well and good until we decide that the time has come to update, reconstruct, or just give our site a new look.

This is where one can run into a situation that cancause problems. It did for me.I had the brilliant idea to update my main website. At that time I was using the sitebuilder provided by my hosting company, but I found the themes to be not quite what I needed and to restictive. I had used Wordpress on that site and was still using it on my other sites, so I decided to change back.

Since I wasn’t really sure what the process was and I didn’t want to do my usually great job of creating headaches for myself, I called my hosting company for help and advice. I was told to go to my control panel, find Fantastico, click on Wordpress and delete what files were left for Wordpress on that domain. Then install Wordpress and that was all that needed to be done.With the primary website I have two add-on domians and now they were all Wordpress.

All was well for a couple of days and then one of my add-on sites went down. I couldn’t even get to the admin page. Again, I was on the phone with my hosting company for help. Their advice was to delete Wordpress and begin again. I did this. The next day another site went down the same way. I thought hm-m-m, I can fix this I know what to do.I went through the same process I did the day before and was quite proud of myself for solving the problem without help.Little did I know I had won a battle, but not the war.

The next day, my primary website went down – the one I had just changed back to Wordpress four days before.I could see a pattern here, so I was back on the phone for help. After about three hours it was found that there were some files from the other site builder I’d used, that had not been deleted and were causing my problem. After trying many times to delete these troublesome files and not being able to do so, I was told the only thing left to do was delete all files except one from all three domains and start over.

So, I did this and had to redo all three domains. Themes, plugins, users, and all that. The bright spot is that it solved all. I have not had any more problems since, but what an ordeal. I have found that more times than not, when I run into a problem, I’m not the only to have experienced it. That’s why many times I have been able to answer questions and solve problems by searching articles and blogs by people that are willing to share what they have gone through in their quest for internet success.

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