Simple SEO Techniques

SEO can be a complicated subject and certainly there is a lot of confusion as to how to optimise a website but if you follow some simple seo advice you’ll be ahead of most of the competition. Of course the greater the competition, the harder it will be to achieve top rankings.

These simple measures are not going to replace the efforts of an experienced SEO consultant but they are a good start for most small businesses particularly where you are optimising a website for a very specific service or for a site that targets a local area.

SEO Tip 1: Research the keywords (search terms) you want to rank for. These are the search terms used by your customers and be specific, if you sell ‘novelty bath sponges’ then don’t bother with ’sponge’ as a search term to target!

SEO Tip 2: Stick with the simple approach and target one or two keywords per page, with the most important one on the homepage.

SEO Tip 3: Combine keywords in a page title if it makes sense, for example you might decide to target ‘novelty bath sponges’ and ‘children’s bath sponges’ on a single page with a combined title of ‘Children’s Novelty Bath Sponges’.

SEO Tip 4: The sites other pages can be used to target the other search terms you identified. Maybe you deal in ‘baby bath toys’ too? Make it the focus of another page.

SEO Tip 5: Its very important to use the keywords as the page titles of your topic specific pages. The Meta Title that is. If you are not familiar with it ask your webmaster to do this for you.

SEO Tip 6: Stay specifically on the pages subject matter, if the page is about novelty bath toys, then talk only about novelty bath toys on that page.

SEO Tip 7: Try to use the keywords as navigation links, so a link to your page about ‘baby bath toys’ would use those very words as the clickable link text (anchor text) where you are linking to it from another page.

There you have it, some of the you can do to help get your websites into the search engines. If you need to be certain the site will rank well there are certain additional steps you can take, see here for more: small business seo.

Results will vary depending on how competitive your niche is but, those simple optimisation tips above can often be all you need to get you well ranked in Google – enjoy!

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