Spend $100 – Earn $10? Is This How Your Home Business Operates? Check Out Infinity100’s Cash Flow Program.

Spend $50 – Make $10? Sound familiar? Yet, this is how The majority MLM Business are running. The huge majority of network marketers are paying out more money than they are bringing in. Why is that? The answer is pretty straightforward.

When it comes to running a multi level or network marketing business, many individuals are earning a lot of cash, some are earning a little money, but the huge majority of network marketers are paying out more cash than they are bringing in. Spend $50 – Make $10? Seem familiar?

There are at present tens of thousands of people, all over the planet, that are attempting to make some cash with a home based or network marketing business. You can surely understand the attraction of bringing in some additional cash and maybe even being able to quit your regular j.o.b. So why is it so difficult to turn a positive cash flow?

One of the most widespread methods for many folks attempting to put together some cash on the web is via Network Marketing. With Multi level or network marketing, you become a member of a company and you promote their products. Belonging to a network marketing company like Nu-Skin or Advocare is kind of like owning a franchise. You pay them a monthly subsription fee (think of it as a franchise fee) or you are required to buy a certain amount of goods from them in return for you getting the privilege of marketing their products.

BUT! Even as plain and straightforward as many Multi-level marketing programs can be, most marketers don’t earn enough cash off of them to even pay their expenses. I see two basic dilemmas that really impact Network Marketing and cause them to lose faith and quit their business.

One enormous reason is they do not know how to market properly (but that’s a subject for about 40 additional articles). The second cause, which we are going to focus on now is CASH FLOW. Most Multi level or network marketing programs are set up for you to produce long term earnings. This means that you often have to work for years to build up a big enough down line to generate any substantial profit. These systems do not create enough immediate cash for individuals to stay alive.

So the key is to pick the right type of program. There are approaches to be had that will let you to generate instant profits so that you can generate the cash flow you need to survive, while you build your business over time.

So let me ask you…

How much cash do you need from your home business to help you survive? How would you like to make $200, $1000, $4000… how about even $$6000 in paychecks from just A single SALE!?

How is this possible?

You need to find what I call a CASH FLOW PROGRAM.

And this is THE MOST Critical aspect in your sales channel!


Because one Main reason people Bomb with a Network Marketing business is because they RUN OUT OF MONEY long before they ever begin earning any.

Can you grasp what the problem is?

Okay, here it is. The great majority of network programs and Multi level or network marketing organizations (I don’t care what comp plan, or what company you are in) – the payment plans are simply NOT designed to produce CASH FLOW.

With the vast majority of Network Marketing programs the compensation plan is designed for one thing… to BUILD RESIDUAL income for the LONG TERM.

However, your business must have CASH FLOW to continue to exist.

CASH FLOW is the LIFE BLOOD of ANY business! I am confident you have heard the expression “Cash is King”.


- IF… you want to Leave YOUR JOB in the next 5 months… instead of the next 3 YEARS…

- IF… you want build up your business Swiftly…

- IF… you want to earn $3000 , even $10,000 in the next half a year…

- THEN… you need to find and launch a CASH FLOW program.

Let me quickly go over the concept a bit more so you can see what I mean.

In a Multi-level marketing business you get paid on multiple levels down, at times into infinity. But you get very small commission checks on more often than not low-cost products. In Network Marketing, you will be required to sponsor huge amounts of distributors and customers into your down line to make $1000 or $2000 each month.

And that doesn’t take into consideration the unbelievably high rates of attrition most Multi level or network marketing companies face today.

In a Cash Flow Program you usually only get paid one or maybe two levels down. BUT, you get immediate commission checks on high end exclusive products typically in the range of $1000 to over $12,000 retail.

With a Cash Flow Program you can make between $1000 to $8,000 commissions PER SALE!

Let me ask you this…

How many distributors would you have to sponsor in your current Network Marketing business to generate $10,000 in commissions?

Do you even know?

I bet your compensation plan is so puzzling you would not even know how to answer this easy question. Am I correct?

If you CAN actually answer it, how many is it?

100? 200? 500? How about 1000?

Taking into account that most Network Marketing companies have an attrition rate of around 80% (isn’t that incredible!!!) you have to remember that 80% of your distributors will in all probability end up quitting in their first year.

In Network Marketing, you would need to recruit HUNDREDS of distributors to even come near to generating $10,000 in paychecks.


Guess how many new representatives you would need to sponsor in a Top Tier Cash Flow program to generate $2,400 a month in commissions?

100? 50?

Nope… Try lower.

How about… TEN!

That’s right. Only 10 (In this example we are using a program offered by Infinity 100 which operates using what is called a Reverse 2Up payment system. There are a lot of other Top Tier programs existing with various comp programs – this is just one example.)

Here’s an example of how it works……

When you enroll a new subscriber you get $100 for every month that person remains a member. When you refer a second and a fourth individual, their $100 monthly membership fee gets passed up to your up line sponsor. You keep repeating this and it starts to add up real fast.

In this Reverse 2Up System example, you pass your commission up to your sponsor for your second and fourth subscriber and you keep the commissions on your first, third and everyone else after your fourth referral. It may seem terrible at first to pass up your second and fourth deal, but there in lies the true superiority of the reward plan. The two team members that you keep together with all extra individuals from that point on will also pass two sales up to you. The Reverse 2Up Pay Plan provides you one of the most extraordinary forms of earning leverage available.

Now that is Mighty. And that my friends creates the ONE item that 95% of customary Multi-level marketing distributors are missing….


Why spend the next 5 years of your life struggling with every last breath to develop a substantial down line when only one% ever manage to do it. And keep in mind… 80% of your efforts will be wasted because of attrition.

So get your research hat on, do your due diligence, and go uncover a Top Tier Cash Flow Program. There are quite a few available.

To take a look at the program I use for generating cash please visit me at $LINK2%.

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    It’s a good website of professional Email marketing platform.

    I have already used it and maintain good relationship with clients.

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