Start A Drop-Ship Internet Business

Looking to make money online? A lot of people are looking to do the same as well, but not many people know where to start. If you are one of these people looking to create an internet business for the first time, but are wary to put in much money before understanding what you are doing, I then suggest investing some time into a drop shipping business.

Drop shipping is simple. A company sells a product at a wholesale price to only businesses. They will ship the product on your behalf to your customer. Essentially, you create the website, advertise it, and hold no inventory; the cost to start and run this type of business is quite minimal.

First, choose what you want to sell, and then find a distributor who will drop ship your products for you. A simple Google search will suffice. Next, you will need a domain and hosting. Choose a domain name that is short, simple, and explains what you are selling. Hosting can be found through a search as well and is fairly inexpensive.

Next, you will have to create a website and accept payments; I suggest finding open-source e-commerce software and if you’re unable to work it, find a web designer to help. You will need to have some form of merchant to accept payments, PayPal, Google Checkout, or some other Bank will do. The two mentioned have no fees are easy to setup, but all merchants charge a small percentage of each transaction.

Once the website is complete and populated with products it will be time to begin marketing the website. This can be accomplished with a small budget. It is best to explore search engine optimization, which if done yourself, can be free, and result in some positive cash flow. There are options to pay per click, which means you pay for every lead that comes to the website. Usually PPC is done through a search engine such as Google and will put you at the top for your keywords.

You can also use social networking methods, such as chatting in forums, blogs, and other popular networking websites. The possibilities are endless, and more research should be done into internet marketing. Once all these pieces come together you will have a fully functioning online business. It is best to slowly create multiple stores over time to grow your portfolio and increase your income.

This type of business can help you slowly transition away from a day job and create more free time to enjoy yourself and do what you want to do. There are no strings, you can take your computer anywhere and do business, all you have to do is process orders, and have them shipped by the distributor.

To move on to bigger and better projects eventually you can find an investor or invest in a startup.

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