The Body Shaper Industry – Two Businesses Same Concept

Today there are more and more companies closing there doors to business. The recession has taken its toll on practically every business in this country. The one industry that seems to not have been affected is the women’s apparel industry, specifically the body shaping products. The products are being sold by dozens of companies. The two companies that are of particular interest are Ardyss International and Firm.

The two business are apparently Mexican based companies that have headquartered here in the United States for the primary purpose of marketing the body shaper products. The two companies are headed by people that started out together in Mexico and separated subsequently. They both know find them selves running two very successful companies doing very similar things.

The Ardyss Body magic is the hot product that Ardyss international markets to women. The product is a reshaper that promises to drop you 2-3 sizes in 10 minutes. This product is what most women refer to as body magic. The product is sold by distributors who sign up other distributors and they deliver the product through showcases that they have in the potential client’s home.

The Integrity a similar product is marketed by Firm International. They haven’t got the market share that Ardyss has but with a product not much different it is only a matter of time before they will capture their share of the market. Firm is set up as a multi level marketing company as well and claim to have a better compensation plan then Ardyss. Firm not only has the Integrity but other products that are quite different from Ardyss.

Firm appears to have a few seamless products that women are looking for but that Ardyss does not have. The Seamless Integrity and the Push Moo might be big sellers once the market becomes informed.

Ardyss International and Firm International are both truly international doing business in Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and looking for new markets. I am sure with time more people will enter these seemingly endless market opportunity.

If you are interested in becoming an Ardyss or Firm Distributor please contact Tracy at 888-949-7771 ext 3.

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