5 Reasons Why You Should Squidoo

For those of you who have not had an opportunity to check out | experience Squidoo.com you should take this opportunity to do so. Squidoo is a website that allows users the ability to create lenses (single web pages) on any topic they want. You can write on the best uses for used socks or your favorite holiday recipes. If you can imagine it | dream it up, you can write on it. Below are five reasons why you should drop what you are doing and sign up for a free account now.

1)It’s really fun!

The best part about Squidoo.com is that it allows you to share your expertise on any topic that interests you. Because there is such a diverse population in this great world of ours, there is a excellent chance there is someone out there who wants to know about your favorite uses for stale graham crackers. If you want to some samples of a Squidoo lenses, check out these; The Mentalist Cast, best television shows of 2009. Since you can select any topic in the world that interests you, how can it not be fun!

2)You can make some extra money

Yes you read that correctly, you can make money. When you create your lens you can get creative and add Amazon or CafePress product lists and earn a portion of all proceeds earned from sales that your visitors generate. Each lens also has a number of Google ads displayed throughout the page. In order to be equitable, Squidoo distributes all Google ad revenue based on the amount of traffic that your lenses generate. The more visitors you have, the more of the total Google ad pie you receive.

3)It helps out charity

There is no better feeling then helping out charity. Squidoo.com donates 5% of all website proceeds to charity. You also can select a percentage of your earnings to donate to a charity of your choosing. What a great opportunity to have some fun and make a difference.

4)It’s a great strategy for backlinks to your website

For those of you who have your own website or blog, Squidoo.com offers a great opportunity to increase your page rank and site traffic by promoting it on your lens. Many search engine experts believe the Squidoo links do a lot in improving your search engine ranking. You should also do as much as possible to cross promote your lenses.

5)It’s good for your brain

A great side effect of creating your lens is that it forces you to learn as much as you can about your subject. Sometimes you end up becoming more of an expert then you started as because you take the time to learn more about your subject. This of course is good exercise to keep your brain you young and active.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your free account and create your first lens today.

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