A Common Question And Answer About SEO: How Long?

In the world of internet marketing there tends to be much confusion and chaos between terms and processes. There are many services for marketing your company on the internet: ppc services, seo services, cpa services, video marketing, social networking services, and more. The possibilities are endless, with these options arises many questions; I will try to cover a popular question regarding seo here.

A popular question, how long will it take me to get to the top of search engines? There is no straight arrow answer to this question, it depends on certain variables, but I can give you a general idea.

Ranking on the first page for a keyword can take as little as one week or as long as 6 months, maybe even longer. I will discuss the lengths of time and why they differ. First, an important part of the process is indexing. Your website must be indexed in a search engine. Indexing can take a couple of days to a week or longer. Once your website is indexed it will be listed and crawled by search engines.

If your website is not indexed than a keyword can be the least competitive, but it may take longer to reach the top for it, thus it would be best to suggest your website to a search engine right away. The next step is how established is your website, how much seo work have you done? This can make the difference in timings; typically if you have done more seo work you can reach top rankings quicker.

Generally, a huge factor in determining length of time is how much competition is trying to reach the top for that keyword as well. If there is little to no competition chances are you can pull of the first page of a search engine for that given keyword within a week. Typically, a keyword that has little to no competition will be a longer phrase such as “where to find a seo company.” A shorter phrase such as SEO Company, seo services, or seo professional will be much more competitive and take more time.
A tip when performing search engine optimization: try to mix in competitive and less competitive keywords together. In the beginning you can increase traffic with a multitude of less competitive keywords, which of course will produce less traffic. BUT with many of these keywords you can build substantial traffic. While reaching the top for these keywords you can slowly focus o the more competitive keywords.

Thus, you can build up back links and traffic, then utilize that success to reach the top for the more competitive keywords and turn your website into a money making machine in no time! This concept is quite easy to perform and can result in more traffic in less time.

Fetch useful tips about the topic of web traffic – go through the page. The times have come when proper information is really within your reach, use this opportunity.

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