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I think that many of us who have computers and search the web on a consistent basis dream of making money online. I know that I did for a long time before I actually decided to go for it. The purpose of this article is to help some of the readers to go for it as well. I hope I can help point you to some of the best extra income opportunities on the web.

Internet Marketing, IM for short, is a great way to make money online. The problem with IM is that there are so many different ways to do it that you really need to pin down what aspect of it you want to do. After all you could do local web marketing for real estate, chiropractic, or insurance offices. Or you could market for a Nationally known company or even your own fledgling online business that you can do from the comfort of the home. There are actually tens of hundreds of ways to make money online. The one I have chosen to do and the one I believe brings in the best extra income is affiliate marketing at home. This is of course just my opinion but here are a few of the reasons I feel that affiliate marketing is the best way to earn extra income at home.

1. You employ yourself. You get to choose how much time to put in. I spend a couple of hours in the early morning hours and a couple of hours in the evening before prime time TV when I sit down with my wife to watch her favorite shows. The key is to be productive when you work so discipline comes into play. If you cannot work on your own then this is not for you.

2. There are all kinds affiliate programs to choose from. Many people think that affiliate marketing is a fraud industry. That is just not true and major corporations like Wal-mart, Best Buy and others are part of the industry. Amazon is really nothing more than a major affiliate marketer. Many of the products they sell are not their own and are ship by some other company over 50% of the time. Yes you can sign up to sell for Amazon or maybe I should say sign up to send traffic to Amazon so that you make a profit.

3. The money is fantastic. I think that this is the reason I like affiliate marketing as the best extra income producer and way to make money online. There are many people who are making hundreds of dollars each day seven days a week. There are many affiliate marketers that are making six and seven figure incomes within a year of starting their affiliate marketing careers. Once you learn the ropes it is actually not difficult to make a decent living form this method of Internet Marketing.

4. Learning is easier than you think. Learning how to be an affiliate marketer is easy if you know where to find the right mentor and place to learn. There are hundreds of places online to learn, some are much better than others and some are just after a quick buck or two so be careful who you learn from.

Well that is about the extent I can go in this style of article but suffice it to say is that I believe that affiliate marketing is the best extra income producer when it comes to making money online. Good luck as you search for your niche in this huge market.

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