Building Your Mailing List Through Relationship Marketing

Building your Mailing List through Relationship Marketing

To make the most of the opportunities afforded to you by your list building, you need to master the art of relationship management. This is the way to keep clients coming back to you, spending their money on your business, and this securing the future of your business. Your mailing list is the key to relationship building with your potential clients, which is why you should be doing it consistently.

The first step in relationship building is to be able to identify:



Loyal customers

Former customers

Lost leads.

Obviously, loyal customers are the ones that spend the most money. So, how do you start communicating with your mailing list to turn them into loyal customers?

Relationship Building through E-zines

People signed up for your e-zine because you promised to regularly send them quality information that is relevant to their needs. Make sure you do this and keep doing it, so they want to stay part of your mailing list. Make your e-zine informative, and don’ use it for the hard sell approach. That way, you will look like an expert in your field: someone they want to consult with. Include your subscribers and make them feel appreciated.

Here are some ways to do that:

Post questions for your e-zine subscribers to answer from a choice of 3 answers, which they can do by clicking a link.

Encourage feedback from your subscribers; you can provide a link where they can post their feedback and other remarks. Make sure you acknowledge these and perhaps offer a small giveaway to people whose feedback is included as a tip in your next e-zine.

Invite questions and suggestions from your readers. Ensure that you reply to these in subsequent issues.

The point of e-zines is to foster the belief that you are an expert and can be trusted.

Email Marketing

The two main ways you will use the mailing list you have built is for regularly sending out e-zines and emails. That means that it is really important to get these right, or you will have wasted all that effort that went into building your mailing list. That is why you have to make sure your emails send out a powerful message.

So, on to your Message…

Real people will be receiving your emails. Humans. They will only be interested in one thing in reading your email: what’s in it for me? You need to make this clear very quickly in your email or you will lose your audience. So, concentrate on how your product or service can:

Improve their business

Make them money

Look better

Deal with a problem they have, etc.

It is often said that there is no ‘I’ in ‘sales’. This means that you need to focus on what your product or service will do for your potential clients. Never use ‘I’ in your emails, always ‘you’.

The tone of your emails is vital in building up a relationship with potential clients. In terms of sales, the most effective tone is friendly but business-like. Try not to sound too formal, though, as this will make people feel distanced from you and then they will lose the loyalty they feel to you which would have encouraged them to buy from you.

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