Business Ideas From Home: Online Garage Sales

There are some tried business ideas from home that seem to work well in all generations. These are what you may want to consider when looking for ideas of your own.

Here’s a good example. Have you ever had a garage sale or a sidewalk sale? Have you ever been to one? 8 out of 10 people probably have. This might be a good example of a business to pursue.

In today’s economic climate the average person is looking for anywhere they can get a deal. Dollar stores and flea markets are hotter and busier than ever. Discount stores such as Walmart and Target are riding out this poor economy better than most businesses.

We all still need basic commodities and clothes for our homes. These less expensive places will always be there to fill that need.

The question is then: What business ideas from home will enable you to tap into that market.

Garage sales fit that need. The downside to garage sales though is they do take a lot of work. Setting up and tearing down every weekend is physically demanding. There must be a better way of doing it.

There is. It’s called the internet. People are making a fortune by selling stuff on eBay or Craigslist. If you want to tap into a huge market where the possibilities are endless then you should consider these for your online garage sales.

Craigslist has more of a local market as you will be advertising for a specific city. That’s not to say that a buyer from another state or country won’t see your items and express an interest. But by nature your potential customers will be local.

EBay on the other hand is projected globally. This gives you a huge opportunity to sell oddball and unique items that may not even get a sniff in your city or country.

They are both free to advertise on. You just need to register and open an account.

With eBay you will probably be shipping your items to the buyer so will include those charges with your sales price. You can either set a minimum bid or accept the highest bid for your item.

PayPal or credit cards are the accepted means of payment and it’s known that items will be shipped once payment is received.

You can also ship items to customers through Craigslist but typically customers come to pick them up at your house or a designated meeting area (for safety purposes). You would be wise to limit it to cash or money orders, but you can accept any forms of payment you’d like.

It’s common for people to negotiate for items on Craigslist so prepare to set a bottom line price. Once committing to purchasing something it’s also common for people not to show up. For this reason you are wise to make it a first come first served transaction.

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