Corporate Blog – What Not To Do On It? (Pt. I)

Author: Kabir Bedi

One cannot undermine the importance and the advantages of having a corporate blog. However, just as there are things that you can do to make full use of it, there are also things that you need to avoid doing in order to make sure it remains in god condition.

Here is a list of 9 things that you should ‘not do’ to make good use of your blog.

1. Don’t make User Commenting too Easy

Comments are very valuable for a blog. However, not all users are authentic. And if your comment policy is a free way, then you will invite lots of spam. That’s why, include a security check image or CAPTCHA as you call it in order to protect your website.

2. Don’t make User Commenting too Difficult

This is in contrast to the previous point. But yeah, if your think you need to prevent spam by asking users to login every time they want to comment or probably solve a puzzle… then sure youd prevent spam. But you will also end up scaring off your users. So keep it simple with a CAPTCHA is what I suggest.

3. Don’t Resize user’s Browser Windows

That’s like telling them, ‘You’ve come to my place, so I’m the boss!’ And it certainly doesn’t work for them. Just don’t try to resize your user’s browser window nor load them with silly pop-ups if you want them to stay.

4. Don’t have an extended Flash Intro

Even if Google crawlers are able to parse through Flash content, that is no cue that your users would live through an hour long Flash intro before they can reach your blog. A slow internet connection is not the only thing that can make them leave here.

5. Don’t overdo the Colors and Animations

Colors and animations certainly liven up the space but too much of it just serves to make the web page look tacky and overwhelm the users. Just cur down on all the ‘bling’ factor and keep it simple and sophisticated. That is what is called professional.

6. Don’t write Anonymously

Blogs are an effective medium because unlike websites, they enable a direct dialogue with your audiences. One reason blogs are so successful is that readers know that there is a real person whose views are reflected in the posts. And the purpose is totally lost if you write anonymously. Always tell your readers about yourself.

7. Don’t leave Comments Unanswered

There is no greater sin than this. If you seek to invite comments on your posts on the blog, it is your obligation to reply to them. Lack of response will only make your readers feel unwelcome and make them leave.

8. Don’t design the Blog for one Browser

With people across the world using multiple browsers to access the web, it would be a futile attempt at blogging if you design it for only one browser. You don’t know all the traffic you will be missing out. So, put in some effort and make your blog compatible across various web browsers.

9. Don’t use any Black-Hat SEO techniques

Even if you are an SEO-pro, that doesn’t justify using black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing. This would npt only hamper your credibility among your audiences, but also if Google gets to know, it’ll penalize your blog heavily.

There are more things that I need to discuss. I’ll do that in another article.

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Kabir Bedi is the senior web consultant at LeXolution IT Services, a eminent web development company in India. He has been associated with the outsource web design & development services industry for more than a decade now and has delivered several successful web projects to international clients.

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