Develop The Expected Website Experience To Achieve The Highest Optimization

Many web designers try to achieve high ranking and web site visibility by foregoing how their site is functioning. They think they will get the high ranking by just applying certain SEO techniques, however, blending the expected website experience is an integral part of a superior SEO design that will help achieve the expected results

What is expected website experience? This is what today’s users and consumers expect a website to be or to do. The consumers and users of today have more control to speak their mind and express their desires than ever before thanks in part to social networks and the Internet. So what does a website have to do in order to deliver the expected experience? First let’s see the elements that make up the expected experience.


A “usable” web design will consider the content, relevant headers, relevant tags, easy to follow buttons and link structure. So if the site has the content users are looking for, it has the proper tags and link structure with easy to follow menu and buttons, it has already created a foundation for success and would be a site users will want to hang around. Other desirable elements could be adding visited link colors and making sure there is quick response to clicks and site navigation and creating hyper sensitive information tool tips or pop up boxes to help the users with more information.


Consider your users. The site visitor. The buyer of your goods. The folks who click on your link or ad. What do they except to see once they are on your site? Do they just click away or stay to look at the content, catalog or what is offered on the page? Don’t you think your user has a great deal to do with how successful the site will be? So consider the users in your web design.


This means people with disabilities can understand, navigate and interact and contribute with the web. This practice is becoming more popular. Adding descriptive alt tags to images is not only good SEO but provides a good user experience and goes a long way to achieve better search results.


The above elements are not only a big part of a good SEO campaign but when you add good SEO techniques such as link building, link exchange, article writing and blogs, you create a web site that will rank high in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and at the same time provide a good user experience to bring them back time and again. That is the results every website is looking for and you degree of success depends on how diligently you provide the above to your users. They in turn will show their appreciations.

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