Duke Tubtim Sponsoring Secrets Revealed – How He Sponsors In USANA Health Sciences Inc

In this secret resource I will show you step by step how to beat Duke Tubtim in the USANA Health Sciences Inc company. Using this secret strategy will give you so much leverage that you will soar through the ranking if you use this material right. First who is Duke Tubtim?

Duke Tubtim is a Top USANA Health Sciences Inc distributor who managed to create success in just the first couple years in with the business. He first started out in other Network Marketing companies and created a great business. If it were not for the MLM he was involved with at the time to go out of business, he would have never found out about other opportunities.

Duke Tubtim than got introduced with USANA Health Sciences Inc and totally destroyed the competition. He is a young superstar with the business, but there is a way for you to out perform him.

There is two ways to make money with USANA Health Sciences Inc and that is to either recruit new reps, and sell the companies products. Obviously if you want to be as honoured as Duke Tubtim you want to know how to have a lot of product customers and an organization of leaders within your business.

So the first step in surpassing Duke Tubtim in USANA Health Science Inc, is to be apart of a team that has an automated Online MLM Marketing System that reaches thousands of people every single day. You want a website that generates leads for you 24/7. If you and your team are all getting 20-50 leads per day you won’t have a problem building your business quicker than Duke.

You have to realize that if the team you plan on being apart of is chasing friends and family, doing home presentations, cold calling, and buying leads, thats how they are going to train you to the business building. You will be a lot better off learning how to market and/or promote your yourself so prospects chase you down to join your USANA Health Sciences Inc business. This way you will be more successful than Duke Tubtim using smart marketing.

The best method that has been working for me to completely destroy the search engines is with article marketing. Struggling USANA Reps of people been finding my articles all over the internet and visit my site on auto-pilot. That is what you want for your USANA Health Sciences Inc and will give you an unfair advantage over Duke Tubtim.

To do article marketing you just have to write about USANA Health Sciences Inc itself. Write about the business, a review, the opportunity, the products, and more. You will see that soon your articles will rise up the search engines and you will get new prospects left and right. This is a method that Duke Tubtim and 95% of network marketers have no clue about.

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