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When you have a website, you need to have traffic to it. You can use a lot of way to get it, like PPC, Banner… This some way to have to do marketing tips for you website.

A good one is BACKLINK. What is it? Baclinks are links on other blog/website pointing at your blog/website. You can have One-way-backlinks (links on other website pointing at you website/blog, but no links from you to the other website) or Two-way-backlinks (links on other website/blog pointing at your blog/website and links from your site pointing at the other site). The best is One-way-backlinks.

You need to have good quality link, if you want to have your website/blog to reach the first page on the search engine, like Yahoo, Ask, Google, Bing…. The more quality backlinks will bring you to the top when someone do a reach on internet, that means more visibility in the world wide web.

There is no problem to get links today, there is a big problem about getting quality backlinks.

This method can be free or you can pay some site to do it for you. The cost method can be good or worst, depend on the company who does it. You need to make sure you get good quality backlinks. The free method cost nothing on the money side, but you need to put some personal time in to it, using your blog is a good way. You can get good backlinks with your signature on forum, on comments on other post and more. But you are doing this, you need to do it one blog and forum related to your blog, like if you talk about casino on your blog, do not put a comments on foods forums with your links. Use your keyword in your backlinks, like me here is marketing, home business, advertising… This is the words I will use on the marketing or business website/blog. I will made a backlink: good advertising tips.

But what really looks a backlink. In the backlink, you have your website/blog address ( and you have your keyword + content. And all this in one special html code.

This is an example of the sentence: Your keyword + content

This is a real one: Find some good marketing tips

You can use this form of backlink in some forum or blog. Some they don’t accept html code. But you can put your website/blog link as per normal. Example:


You have made a good post about marketing.

Thank you,


This is one method you can use if you can’t put html code for backlink.

When you are doing a post or a blog, make sure you have good content, not just some word to put your backlinks in it. To put your link in your post or blog, just use the button link on you blog software or you can write your content and input the html code in it, depend on witch type of blog you are using, like Wordpress, Blogger… Do not put just backlinks in you blog, you need to have a really good text. If you don’t, you will have Google, Yahoo… reject your links or it will be consider to be of low SEO (Search Engine Optimation) value.

To get traffic with backlinks it’s a good type, but you need to work for it. That’s why nothing is really free in the world, some times it’s cost money and some times it’s personal time consumption.

You can use some website, like Free Traffic System, to build good quality traffic with backlinks. This is a free website, no cost, but you need to write your post. With this Free Traffic System, you will write your post and fill some boxes with your keywords and links. When your have finish, you will have to choose 30 Blog to post your text. That means you will get at least 2 backlinks per post time 30 blog, equal 60 good quality backlinks. Because you will choose on witch blog you want to post. You need to choose the blog related to your keywords. This is a really good tools for marketer.

With the program they use, you will have 30 different post with out having one looking the other. Plus you will have your title with the same program, to have 30 different one. This is a really good way to build backlinks quick and good.

You can find more tips of advertising here at advertising
or if you want to know more about backlink at backlink

Hope this is help you

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