How To Start An Online Website At A Low Cost?

To create any website you need your own domain and a stable hosting company to keep your website running 24/7. But that is actually something most of us know of.

I would suggest, you can purchase .net domains for less than a dollar, and .com domain for around 10.00 $ When it gets to domains, you have to be cautious. Search engines, Google for instance, gives lots of weight to the domain.

So, you don’t want to hurry with it, take your time and research keywords relevant to the content of your future site. It wouldn’t hurt to pick phrases and/or keywords with a little bit less search entries, but also a less and less strong competition.

Such search phrases are usually more targeted for your business website and the products or services than keywords with bigger search amounts. For instance, “weight loss pills” is much more targeted for your website than just “weight loss” if it promotes only weight loss pills.

Notice how I wrote the keyword phrases with quotation marks – “”! If you need to discover which websites are your direct competition search each phrase with quotation marks. That’s how Google detects only those websites that possess that exact phrase.

Not every of those websites is your competition, but try to filter out those keyword phrases that don’t get more than hundred and fifty thousand competitive websites.

Competitor’s strength is also an imperative factor. Try to avoid phrases that display top three or four sites with a PR (Google’s criterion of site’s importance) bigger than 6 or 7. Even such websites are hard to beat. However search engine optimization is not the topic of this post, so let’s get back to the primary subject.

Another thing you need for your internet business site is a trustworthy hosting company. There are literally thousands of website-hosting providers out there, but our goal is to spare as much money as possible.

So, the obvious option is a free webhost. Just enter “absolutely free hosting” and choose the top organic result. Don’t go to those Google “sponsored links” in a pink rectangle and on the right side.

There, at the site you click you can search through a listing of free webhosting services. Each of those are similar, distinctions are very small, but check out the Best Hosts link first.

The rest is really up to you. Making professionally looking websites isn’t a quantum science, but it requires a significant degree of extra persistence, hard work and training.

“Trial and error” method is the best. You will maybe need a little bit more time to figure out everything, but it isn’t worth throwing away big money for some too expensive ebook explaining how to do it.

If you dropped by this post by coincidence, you could ask yourself why you have to have a business site. Well, unless you are engaged in in earning some fast and easy money, in other words that you DON’T wish to develop a consistent business online, then yea, you don’t need a website. I have to admit, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a bonus income stream these days.

The most usual reason that makes more than 90 percent of people to abandon the whole thing or not even get involved in the first place is a shortage of motivation and a longer time until first earnings starts flowing in, which convinces them that they are not “meant” to make money online.

However, if you think you are not one of those people, check out this ebook blogspot. In that newest post it elaborately reveals the growing need for having a site if you want to make things run faster or actually earn any kind of cash online at all.
The blog author gave a nice example of Amazon’s Associates program. More and more marketing and affiliate websites will ban direct affiliate linking strategies in near future.

There are also many internet marketing ebooks about internet marketing and getting money online, so don’t miss out the opportunity. Make sure you check the posts about search engine optimization ebooks and choosing correct keyword phrases. There are really some amazing internet marketing ebooks available at no cost or very cheap, so there is your opportunity.

Fetch important info about one way links – please read the site. The times have come when concise info is truly only one click of your mouse, use this possibility.

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