Much has been written about the subject and yet still it produces anger, frustration in many new as well as old marketers. I did not know what MLM was until yesterday while i was participating in a Warrior Forum about the Theme. It is all these different points of views which was expressed in there, that urged me to investigate a little more and ponder deeply about the real meaning and use of MLM in our society today. For me the major market place has been transfer to the Internet And nowadays that is where big leagues are being played.

I undoubtedly spend quite some time times on that new Harem of Exchange of all sort of goods for i am a salesman. while investigating i discover my great ignorance and at the same time my wisdom related to the matter. I was using the word Multi Level Marketing the right way work from home without having really grasp the key meaning of the term until now.

The definition given by Wikipedia is and i quote:Multi level marketing is also called Network Marketing. It is a term that described a marketing structure used by companies as part of their overall Marketing Strategy. The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products not only for sale they personally generate, but also for the sale of promoters they introduce to the company, creating a down line of distributors and a hierarchy of multi-level of compensation in the form of a pyramid. The products and company are marketed directly to customers and potential business partners by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing.

As far as i have understood the concept itself has nothing wrong with it, unless the laws of any stated country says so. The problem which has so much mined many minds and hearts , i realize comes from a hierarchical level when it comes to the compensations plans. That is where most people who talk badly about Network marketing or MLM as it is commonly known have been Scammed and cheated. Because it is only at this point where the criticism towards former companies or group of company lies. Those who have produced such a sentiment are the main heads/leaders of the different companies because they are the ones who decide on the policies to apply and when. Those men or women of then are the predators whom have created such a negative feeling by their actions of not playing by the rules of decency in business marketing. The lack of transparency when it comes to compensation plan and its right application. The reasons some vote in favor of MLM and others do not depend on the experience of each individual with it. Again it is not their fault, their failure is not their fault but of the companies which have promoted those wrong doings. When joining an MLM it always advised to read and re-read the small characters of the compensation plan to avoid those bad experiences.

Actually there many types MLM or Network marketing they are not negative because someone had had a bad experience and what more it also depends to a great extent also on the individual capacity to transcend a given situation.

We have the uni level, the stairstep breakaway plans, matrix plans, binary hidrid plans. Actually all the types of marketing which are taking place right now on the net are MLM or if you wish to call it so Network marketing home business ideas.

By Celestin Kanga.

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