Renaming Black Hat SEO – Advance Search Engine Optimization

Well I’m back with a second article on Black Hat search engine optimization.

I recently read an article from and on there they wrote and I quote!!!

“Black Hat SEO is sexy. It’s exciting. It’s risky. It’s daring. There’s that whole thrill of the chase thing. If Black Hat SEO was a guy, high school girls everywhere would be throwing themselves at it and making out with its wall posters.”


What is Black Hat SEO? Most Black Hat search engine optimization techniques actually used to be legit, but folks went a bit overboard and now these techniques are frowned upon by the general SEO community at large. Many in the industry say that Black Hat SEO practices actually provide short-term gains in terms of rankings, but if you are discovered utilizing these spammy techniques on your web site, you run the risk of being penalized by search engines.

While I do agree with the above comment I don’t think it’s necessarily true that it only provides short term gains, from my research quite a few sites that practice what I call Advance Search Engine Optimization remain under the radar making loads of money for their owners.

Black Hat SEO is tempting; after all, these tricks actually do work and while I don’t practice what I preach I do enjoy the subject, it’s like watching Scarface, the Godfather the thrill is amazing people often say that SEO hats whatever the color is about managing risk and I very much believe that.

Black Hat SEO is about using efficient search engine optimization techniques to get your site ranked higher. Site owners started to recognize the value of having their sites highly ranked and visible in search engine results, creating an opportunity for both white hat and Black Hat SEO practitioners and some industry commentators have classified these methods, and the practitioners who employ them, as either white hat SEO, or Black Hat SEO.

But let’s face it, what do we all want? Top search ranking and most of us will do anything to get it.

If you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to get it…

Black Hat also called spamdexing, attempt to redirect search results to particular target pages in a fashion that is against the search engines’ terms of service, whereas white hat methods are generally approved by the search engines. I read this and thought they’ve got it all wrong, Black Hat is no longer about spamdexing it’s much more than this and to truly understand you need to do a bit of research, I recommend every practicing webmaster do a bit of research on Black Hat.

In my last article someone ask me for tips and tricks that I acquired from my last article and I replied saying that I don’t employ any of the tricks for fear of losing my current sites. However, I have learnt as few things that have made me more aware of my competitors and some of the techniques they use on their sites.

One technique I came across was vulnerability on almost every site to be compromised and the result is for the site to completely disappear from the search engines, many times when this happens we think it’s something we’ve done wrong but in reality we just been taken, to fix the problem is a simple code in your .htaccess this prevents access to your site through a unique script created for the purpose of knocking you off the search engines.

The purpose of my first and second article is to knock down some of the stereotypes around Black Hat SEO and the skills you need to develop to become a successful webmaster. Hopefully by now you are realizing that running a business based on Black Hat SEO techniques is not about being a risk taker but looking for ways to advance your techniques and here I would like to rename Black Hat as Advance Search Engine Optimization.

Like it or not Black Hat SEO is here to stay and what you need to do is keep your websites under the radar of search engine algorithms so that they are not classed as Black Hat SEO pages giving them a long lifespan of many years as opposed to the few weeks, the majority of Black Hat websites usually last. Yes – even though many webmasters may have many incoming links, search engines are only counting a small percentage of these – but the techniques in the Black Hat SEO will enable your site to stay on top.

The technique of building and promoting a website using advance search engine tactics which many say break search engine guidelines is nothing more than a myth. If we all follow the guide lines as is then there is no competition and a world without competitive thinking will not survive because competitive thinking is what has created everything we do, we look at the old and develop the new, we learn from the new and create the future.

When I discuss Black Hat SEO I am not referring to buying links, spamdexing, cloaking, keyword stuffing, creating doorway pages, data mining, linkfarming, linkbaiting, empire building, linkspamming, cheating on reciprocal links and misrepresenting content. No No No.
I am referring to more modern techniques, although some of these are still in use it’s pointless using them because everyone including the search engines know about them, I am talking about the ones that are not in the public domain and is being used by a few so called SEO companies and webmasters in the know.

Here is another article I read and I quote!!!

“After building many websites containing thousands of webpages designed to draw in traffic from serps my Black Hat SEO websites were booming, and consequently sales via my affiliate commissions were over 100 times better than when i was white hat. However, after a few months of riding high in the search engines I noticed that traffic now started to slump on some sites, many of my pages could not even be found in the search engines, and worst case, some websites had been banned and de-indexed by the major search engines for using Black Hat SEO techniques. I had worked on white hat websites, some for many years, and had very little success, but with just a few days work I could create and promote a massive Black Hat SEO website and have traffic flooding in within just a few weeks.”

Now tell me does that not tempt you? But you see some people really go over the safe zone and find them self in trouble, but trust me there are lots of sites practicing Advance Search Engine Optimization that stay under the radar and continue to do quite well.

The life span of Black Hat SEO websites have started to get longer and longer not shorter. After much time and effort researching and observing many websites I have now come to the conclusion that they are now ahead of the search engines by far, some of them have found the perfect ways to not only create, but also to promote a Black Hat SEO website so that it can remain completely undetected in search engines indefinitely.

In my first article I mentioned that the one thing I hate about the advance techniques is when they deliberately affect a site intentionally and I found a technique widely known as Google bowling or Google bombing these are techniques Black Hat SEO webmasters use to affect a competitors position in serps.

Someone trying to out rank me by these methods is just not on and should not be used at all, although I was shown how it’s done on a Wiki page the technique works quickly and efficiently, suddenly the page was gone.

OK, honestly here is what I truly think, Black Hat SEO is not illegal it’s just a way to manipulate search engines. Thousands of Black Hat SEO webmasters are tapping into the internet’s huge market and creating endless earnings beyond their wildest dreams, by using absolutely foolproof Black Hat SEO techniques to suck huge amounts of traffic from search engines and then monetizing it.

Here is a tip for you to determine if a technique should be considered Black Hat SEO, if you stay within white hat guidelines, you are not practicing true SEO because the whole idea is to find ways to out rank your competition. Most modern Black Hat techniques apply added value to the visitor’s experience by making sure that the sites has all the elements of a proper white hat website but the driving force behind the ranking uses advance search engine optimization.

So to those people who say Black Hat SEO practices which violate white hat guidelines may result in a boost to the serps, but they will not lead to return visitors or natural incoming links are all stupid to still believe this rubbish, Black Hats come in all shapes and sizes, looks and feel so don’t full yourself that you can spot a Black Hat by simply looking for link farms, keyword stuffing or hidden text, these are all things of the past.

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