Search Engine Optimisation The Largest ROI Form Of Marketing In Existance – How Is Your Web Site Performing?

Many small businesses all over the UK are under the impression that ranking highly in Google is simply out of their price bracket, This is not the case, the fact of the matter is that first page google results can be achieved and maintained by a professional SEO Packages for under a hundred pounds a month. The cost of SEO varies greatly according to the competition. Obviously for this sort of money the company would be looking at ranking for highly targetted local keywords, such as “PC Repair in Bradford”, but the fact of the matter remains that for a specialist providing computer repairs in Bradford this could well provide a very good return on investment.

Research shows that around 80% of consumers use the internet to find local service providers, and as a chief method of locating the products they are looking for. This figure compounds the consequence that ranking highly on Google, even for a locality based keyword, can have on your business. In order to stand any chance of ranking highly for any commercially viable keyword in Google, you need to have an ongoing internet marketing stratedgy in place.

Every business out there needs new trade, after all, without a continual stream of people willing to pay for your goods or services you are not going to last very long. Advertising is therefore absolutely critical to any business, and of all forms of marketing known to man, none has a higher return on investment than SEO. There are are a two good reasons why SEO is such a cost effective method, firstly, because your website is only returned in the search engines when people look for the services or good you provide, your message is reaching its intended target with an amazing level of accuracy. Compare this to other forms of marketing like mailshots, the mailshot is basically sent out indiscriminately hoping that someone who is interested will see it and act. The second reason why SEO Services are such an effective marketing method is the fact that once you are ranking highly the traffic you recieve will go through the roof, however you are not billed on a per exposure basis, infact once your site is ranking on the first page your monthly SEO fees may even drop to a basic fee for maintaining your rankings. If you compared this to direct marketing it would be the equivalent of a company charging you a monthly fee of £100 to mail your promotional material to 100 people each month for a three month period, and then billing you £50 each successive month to mail it to 1000 people on an indefinate basis. An offer you will be very unlikely to recieve from any direct marketing company.

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