The Work At Home Entrepreneur’s Optimal Work Station

Creating the ideal desk atmosphere for your survey completing regime is in itself a daunting task. My consultancy practice located here in Ohio, helps former Ohio job seekers, who were once looking for jobs in Ohio but sadly realized many employers were now hiring temporary workers.

Their need for an affordable home-based income opportunity inspired me to connect with motivated entrepreneurs, graduates and career professionals who were not able to find jobs in Ohio but also other unemployed persons across the global internet. I will introduce you to several initial conversations that I have with my clients that I now call friends—and these conversational recommendations will guide you into making consistent profit maximizing decisions for your home based internet business. First, I advise you to sit down with your spouse or family member and ask them what time of day person are you? What does this mean? Do you have all of your alertness, creativity, and energy in the evening, afternoon, morning, or late night?

The answer to this question will define the most optimal work regime for you to complete the maximum amount of online surveys or internet projects you may have before you. The old maxim holds true here, “Time is Money”, and if you are not utilizing your production time and energy wisely you will not advance your financial goals. If you are a day person, you will need to construct a work space that is blanketed in natural sunlight and windows to offer you a refreshing breeze of clean air. There is nothing magical about the fact that your energy and enthusiasm to complete your tasks is closely correlated to the work space design. Optimal performance for morning and mid-shifters—aka. Afternoon folks; is to work before lunch then actually have a lunch safely away from the computer and then return to work up to dinner and then a full stop. You should always have dinner with your family or spouse.

I am personally recommend against eating alone at the computer because I recently had a tragic episode where I spilled my coffee onto my 2 day old, $1,000 dollar laptop and destroyed it. Learn from my carelessness, please. In regards to night people; atmosphere is very important, you may fall asleep—and that in itself is a huge liability. For example, if the early portion of your day was physically demanding you may not have enough energy to complete your assigned tasks. Proper lighting and alternative stimuli should be your priority. Design a workspace that includes additional, sufficient lighting where you are not sitting in total darkness or shadows with only your computer’s monitor lighting the area.

I highly recommend for night people to have music playing in the background, or in fact some form of 24 hour news like CNN or BBC or NPR radio in the background like I do. Myself, I am flexible, whenever I have the energy to work on the computer to complete online surveys or to write articles for my blogs and websites—I’m a commando, I jump in front of the computer whenever inspiration, deadlines or necessity requires me. You also want to consider your vision and the eventual purchase of a cheap computer screen glare protector sheet that you can place in front of , or onto the actual computer monitor screen itself. I like the PC-Microstore LCD Screen Protector, it retails for about $19.00 and it reduces the glare by about 98%. So, if you are working at night with minimal lighting, reducing the glare from your computer should be a priority.

It may seem that your computer is emitting a low level amount of light, but the real problem is the intensity of that light which over time can weaken your night vision. After you have determined what part of the 24 hour day is the optimal work shift, then it is time to choose your desk layout and chair. I recommend chairs with wheels on them so that you can swivel from one side of your work station to the other side without lifting your big rear from out of the plus, soft chair. In regards to your desk, it really depends on the size of the room or corner that you are working in. I like to take my laptop and sit anywhere in the house, even outside on the patio deck when the weather is warm. However, I am a creature of habit and often find myself downstairs in the family room in a room I affectionately call NORAD, it’s my defense bunker against all family noise and visitors that may come to the house. If I do have any visitors, my wife tells them that I am not home. I have a refrigerator, two televisions, 3 computers in addition to my laptop, and a huge sofa and bed if I feel like sleeping.

You want to consider a room, if your living arrangements are flexible, where you can dedicate to your internet entrepreneurship. A place where you can be left alone during your optimal performance hours; morning, mid-day, evening, or late night. When you have chosen your designated work area it is then time to choose your desk or desks. I like the “L” shapes desk arrangement, however I now use a “U” shaped arrangement utilizing 3 desks to create this work station. Each desk has a computer or laptop on it. Thus I can work on three comprehensive projects at once and not get bored or intellectually blocked on one screen. For example, if you use an “L” or “U” shaped desk arrangement you can multi-task on various projects and when you begin to loose interest in one project, you can refresh your enthusiasm by rolling over to another side of your work station in your swivel chair. One of your 2 or 3 desks should have slide-out drawers where you can keep disks, folders and other computer aides. Your desk should be wide enough to support the space of a standard desktop computer and a sufficient desktop writing area for your arm-space.

The cost of your desk is your choice. You can buy great computer or business desks at Goodwill like myself or you can pay a couple hundred dollars for solid oak desk like my web designer Chris, his huge French Oak desk that he bought and shipped from an estate sale in France costs more than my used BMW! The desk is stunning and has many cabinets and extensions and it suits his business like and elitist persona .Remember, the amount of money you invest into choosing your workspace and design will not directly impact your productivity but only the functionality of the desk, chair and physical work space and your ideal time of day will directly your productivity.

All points considered, I want to talk about taking online surveys in your new or soon to be designed work station. You have no control on how many surveys you receive in your in-box to complete, however you can control the number of survey providers you subscribe to. I used to be subscribed to 8 programs back when the money was tight. This way I had at least 4 surveys a day to complete which took 15 to 20 minutes each to complete. You don’t have to complete your surveys all in on sitting. Like I underscored above in this article, you have a “U” shaped or “L” shaped work station, simple complete one survey then swivel around to another computer monitor and work on an entirely different project for a while before returning to the other side of your work station to complete another survey. My regime was very efficient.

I tried to complete two 1,000 word articles a day and at least 4 surveys, by the end of the week I had 10 juicy articles to place into my various blogs, read into my vocal podcasts and submit to article directories. Furthermore, I had banked anywhere from $120 to $300 that week just from completing 4 surveys a day. And the articles and podcast that I recorded only added to the great link back-link building I had begun when I entered internet market place with my blogs and affiliate websites. You and your workspace should capitalize on the concept of you becoming a “content provider” and I will talk more about this in my next article.

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