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Today’s Small Business Act could be a step towards a Europe of entrepreneurs, with less red tape and a lot of red carpet for Europe’s twenty three million Small businesses. It aims to assist small entreprises to succeed and to provide the simplest ones a launch pad to grow into world beaters. The Small Business Act is a crucial milestone in the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs.

It will mean additional responsive public administrations, less late payment of invoices, access to additional facilitate with finance, innovation and training, lower VAT for services supplied domestically and higher access to public procurement contracts. The package can additionally offer SMEs access to a European Non-public Company Statute to cut forms and increase clarity.

Small businesses became increasingly necessary in our society as suppliers of employment opportunities and key players for the well-being of local and regional communities. Therefore, the Small Business Act for Europe proposes for the primary time to place into place a comprehensive policy framework for the EU and its Member States.

The Small Business Act is based on the belief that entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs ought to be applauded and rewarded; they are the spine of EU society. Being SME-friendly should become mainstream guidelines. To attain this, the “Think Small First” principle should be irreversibly anchored in policy making from regulation to public service therefore ensuring that rules mirror the bulk of those who can use them. Small businesses should be helped to thrive. When the setting up of businesses and their development is disadvantaged by unnecessary obstacles, these must be removed. When Small entreprises are hindered by market failures, these should be solved.

The Small Business Act for Europe proposes a partnership between the EU and therefore the Member States. A collection of ten common principles should guide the policies each at the european union and at a national level. An ambitious package of recent measures, including 4 legislative proposals, is translating them into action. Additionally, all Member States are invited to benefit from smart practices that exist within the european union.

What Europe desires currently may be a robust political commitment at the highest level to attain a real breakthrough. The Vice-President of the European Commission trusts that the Small Business Act for Europe will be the start to rework words into action.

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