You Need More Than A Landing Page For Your Home Based Business Website

When you set up your home based business website you should intend to have two types of page on your site. You will need sales pages and content-rich pages of information. Another way to look at the three types of pages is to call them “landing pages” and “article pages”.

The role of a landing page is to sell a particular product or service, or, failing that, to persuade as many visitors as possible to opt in to your mailing list so that you can contact them again via e-mail and develop an ongoing business relationship with them. The page should be entirely dedicated to achieving one or both of those two aims and should not include any other distractions such as links to other pages on your Internet business website or on any other website.

Although a landing page is a part of your website, it is not embedded into the rest of the site via links out from the page. A sales page exists in glorious isolation from the rest of the website. Essentially, the visitor to your page will have limited options: buy, opt-in or get out by closing the page or hitting the back button. When you write your sales page, you are not primarily aiming for keyword optimization but are seeking to use the power of words to sell a product. Keyword phrases will be best if they crop up naturally in the course of the letter.

In contrast to a landing page, the function of an article page is to add useful and relevant content to your website as part of the process of getting your site to rank highly on Google and other search engines and to attract targeted traffic to it. Each article page can be linked to all the other pages on your website so as to facilitate visitors who wish to explore the site content and gain familiarity with the site and the products and services on offer there. When linking through from page to page, be sure to hyperlink the keyword phrase that best describes the purpose of the target page.

Make sure that as much of the content on your article pages as possible is original to ensure that Google gives it maximum attention. Also, be sure to keyword-optimize the headline and the sub-headings and section headings as well as the opening and closing paragraphs, and the description tags.

While sales pages and article pages are the two main types of page that you will have on your Internet business website, one other page is also very important and that is your homepage. It should be quite different in style from either the sales pages or the article pages, although it should be designed to “inform” and “persuade” your website visitors. It should inform your visitors about the content of the website and persuade them to delve in deeper to find the information, the products and services they are seeking, and to supply you with their email address to you.

So, your home page should include news updates and links to your latest stories. I would recommend that you use an “editorial” style of introduction on the home page of your website, with references to your key products and articles so that visitors can click through quickly and easily.

Be sure to have your opt-in box on prominent so that your new visitors can subscribe to your free newsletter if they wish. However, not everybody who wants to contact you will want to sign up to your free newsletter at this stage, so give them a way to contact you via the home page, by supplying an address, telephone number or an email address or contact form.

Another resource to feature on your home page and other content pages is a link to your blog. Ideally, you should host your blog on your website so that your website gets the direct benefit of the fresh content that you post to it.

Finally, make sure that each of your content pages, and also your home page have links to the sales pages – after all, the whole point of the operation is to get as many of the right sort of people to your Internet home business website so that they will click through to one or more of the sales pages and buy your stuff!

For pragmatic advice about how to get muscles – make sure to go through the web site. The times have come when proper information is truly at your fingertips, use this opportunity.

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