Your Manuial For SEO Newbie

For newbie SEO may seam something mystique. But it isn’t, this is not the magic, SEO is a number of tools and techniques that may help the sites to get high ranks. But for someone who is new in SEO and Internet marketing, it can be very difficult to understand where to start. Another thing is that the Internet is overflowed with information about SEO, sometimes even controvert one.
I believe that it may be really useful to have some kind of a manual for starters, where a clear path to successful SEO will be given. Let’s begin with from a simpler things, for example a post in which I will share my knowledge about Internet Marketing and Seo.

It’s really important to study the website for structure usability. Do this before you’ve started optimizing the site. This can helps you to make up the plan of optimizing this very site. Consider whether you need additional pages, the thing is in case if your site is using dynamic pages you will need to create some plain html pages because it’s easier for Search engines bots to crawl on such pages.

Remember that site usability is very important for your site visitors. If the navigation on your site is hard, visitors will leave it, so you need to make your site user friendly.

Now you need to get correct key word and key phrases with high demand and not a huge competition. The key words and phrases are things that will help people who need some info that you can provide, to find you site. Here’s the reason why you should be really serious when choosing keywords, as this is what determines whether your site will get general traffic or targeted traffic. Don’t be too general about key words, the reason is that general traffic may not give the results you were aimed at. Moreover the competition for general key words can be really high, this means it would be harder to achieve rankings for them.

Then you should start optimizing the site. What do I mean, when say optimizing a site? I mean that you need to do on and off page optimization. On page optimization consists of several stages:
First of all you should consider page titles. To optimize page title you need to use your keywords in title tags, put the most important first.

Work on your meta keywords, and meta descriptions. These are the text that appears with your search results. This descriptions are like you face – the first thing that visitors get to know about you, so here’s the reason why you should make it look appealing.

You should also make an internal linking. This means that you should link your pages to each other, take some textual content on a page and using the keywords link it to a relevant page. Be careful not overdo with that.

Let’s go on to off page optimization. The first one is link building. Links help your site to get higher ranks in search engines. You can get the links by publishing articles on different websites or use online press release services, believe me it works really good.

Another good tip is to add good content regularly. Remember that you should use only unique content and optimize it before putting to your site.

These are only several tips that may help you to get the things clear with SEO.

It is also very important to know about web search engine positioning, high ranking in search engine and ranking high on search engine, you can get all the information needed in the Internet.

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