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Marketing online can be high-priced and discouraging if you’re not sure what really to promote. I see many people advertising there replicated website that is just there advertising their business. There is no opting in page or anything else to capture a lead. I have been there myself advertising my replicated business page getting hits but no sales. This can be wearisome and disappointing to say the least.

I was given a free report back which I opted into which talked about how to get 100% free advertising for your primary business. It had seven or so lessons to read as well as listen to the audio on. But it led me to List Building. Just by giving this free report away this person that gave it to me added me to his list. Within the report it had several of his links in there that if I signed up it would allow him to produce profits. So here was a free report that he was giving away to the masses that were showing people not only his primary business but several other opportunities.

This System will teach you how to get compensated to advertise your primary business. That’s right Rewarded to advertise your business. It does this through a unique concept called the “Funded Proposal” plus it is setup so you will create money on “Secondary Sales”. As you know that not everyone is going to join your business that you’re promoting but the New Rich Report is designed to offer them a multitude of Clickbank products over a period of a year through the system’s auto responders that if a sale is made on these products you will make the commission.

This system comes with all the step by step guidance that will show you where and how to market on the internet or online. I began following the success training guide which was laid out as a 30 day training course. I picked three advertising methods that I thought I would like to start with. Once I began advertising this free system I was amazed in how responsive it has been.

Since using this system for the past 6 months I have given it away to close to 700 members and it has generated me an additional 1200 free leads. Anyone who doesn’t finish the free member signup is a lead and goes directly into my auto responder.

Overall since using the New Rich Report my sales have improved in my primary business and I have generated two supplementary income streams. The two additional income streams have permitted me to use that to pay for all of my advertising.

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