3 Killer Methods For Blog Site SEO

Most of us know how to create a blog. But, do you know how to promote one? Starting and promoting a blog are two different things. Making a blog is simple.

Anybody who knows how to type a nice article can start it. Just continue writing and publishing new content. The problem is, who is going to read all that text?

That is where blog promotion comes in place. You need to learn how to promote your blog in order for your posts can attract the right visitors. This is a ability that can be learned. For example, you can promote your blog by applying SEO strategies. Here are a few SEO tips to help you get started.

Tip 1: Conduct keyword research.
Tip 2: Take care of on-page optimization
Tip 3: Get inbound links

Tip 1: Do keyword research.

Don’t just write & write with no regard for keywords. People use search engines by writing keyword phrases in the search box. That’s the way your blog should be listed in the search results. So make sure you do your keyword research thoroughly prior to typing next blog post. The aim here is to make sure the keywords you use generate traffic to the blog. Write your posts based on keywords that you think your visitors are using to do searches. That will assist and generate more traffic to your blog.

Tip 2: Take care of on-page optimization.

Most blogs are already search engine optimized. For example, you realize that the post title tends to appear in the HTML title tags. The URLs are also search engine friendly. If you use Wordpress or Blogger, there is no need to do it. One issue to take care of is to use relevant anchor texts in your internal links. These links should link to various pages on your blog, instead of just main page. Instead of using phrases like “click here”, enter proper search phrase as anchor texts (e.g. “make money from affiliate products”)

Tip 3: Get inbound links

This is the part where most bloggers stumble. Since you don’t own external sites, how do you make other websites and blogs to link to your? As a blogger, you must learn how to connect with other bloggers. You should to visit other well-known blogs and start posting relevant comments. When the time is right, and you think that you know the blogger well enough, you can contact the owner and ask for a post exchange. A post exchange means that both of you publish a post linking to each other. That way, it’s a win-win situation.

The motive why you must build backlinks is that search engines rank sites partly according the number of those very links. There are a handful of great internet marketing ebooks online explaining link building. The detail that is also important is the quality of links. Only one link from the high PR domain can bring more value dozens, if not hundreds of backlinks from low PR sites. Visit this ebook blogspot to find out more about building backlinks and Internet marketing generally. Once when you notice the top 4-5 Google results positions, you will get hooked to SEO forever.

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