Do You Have A Recession Resilient Home Business

If you don’t know it by now we are in the brand new economy. The different economy is the aftermath of the recession. Back in the middle of 2008 I myself was working in the health and nutritional business which required a $230 to $260 auto ship in order to be active. Yes the juice was excellent but the difficulty was too much for one to find ways to recruit others and get customers for a designer juice in a depressed economy. I just couldn’t see me asking people to spend $100 to $200 plus per month when I know alot of people just didn’t have it to spend.

I cut my tie’s with all the tasting parties and canceled my auto ship. I began looking for a low cost business that would be a product or a service that everybody could use. I felt a low cost business would be something that I could market to anyone. Would it have the big start up bonus’s maybe not. But I was looking for more signups and building downlines to where you can see easier duplication and residual income.

I knew I had to incorporate the Internet, the largely cost-effective tool you can utilize, to circulate products, educate customers and upgrade services. I didn’t want a low cost business that I would need to run to my friends and family. I wanted a business that I could totally promote online. Any computer with an internet connection and a phone would be enough for most internet marketers to conduct their business. This makes it affordable for everyone to start a home based business.

One thing I have taught myself over the past year is you can make an outstanding income with a low cost internet home business by using low cost or free advertising. The key to success is to take daily action. Instruct others to do the same and it will lead to a life changing income.

Having a successful business takes heart and passion. Talent and leadership can be learned over time to take it to the next level. My primary goal when someone joins my team is we want them to write down and make a commitment over the next 30 days. Is focus on getting to the break even point. If your low cost business is $20 a month then our first goal is to make $20 within 30 days and break even. By doing that you have just showed someone how to make money on the internet. The next set of goals may be set to make enough to cover your electric bill, then your car payment and even your mortgage payment. You have heard the saying how do you eat an elephant? Yes one bite at a time. So when I have people joining my low cost business saying when do you think I can begin making $2,000 to $3,000 a month? I tell them first let’s see how you do in getting your business to the break even point. What you will find is the one’s that get to this point will duplicate in your business over and over.

I actually have several low cost business’s that I market on the internet. Having multiple incomes is a good thing and many of them with the type of advertising that I do will lead people to two or three of my low cost business’s. I find that one business may not please to some people but another one that I do will get someone interested. I constantly have a place on my advertising page that someone can request more information about a particular business and by doing that I can see who raised there hand and reach out and introduce myself to them. I want them to KLT me or Know, Like and Trust me and get all there questions answered before they join.

Since I have changed directions and began marketing a low cost business I have seen my income rise and my total cost decrease. No more hotel meetings, tasting parties, buying leads or high-priced advertising. I now have multiple incomes coming from a low cost business all done on the internet.

If you enjoyed this article, you might want to see my low cost business that I make money online with. There are also more articles and training on how I advertise online at a very low cost.

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