How Many Of You Will Start A New Business In 2010?

Things are not getting better in the job market so far this year. People are just plain having a difficult time finding a job. This has started me thinking about how many people will start a new business in 2010 and the opportunities it presents.

I saw a couple on the Mike Huckaby show on Fox News last weekend who just started a “Pooper Scooper” business. They did this out of necessity once the husband had been out of work for over six months.

He was a six figure earner who lost his job, had one son enter college, and three daughter’s weddings all in the same year. Needless to say this put quite a strain on their finances.

After sending out over 400 resumes, and only getting one telephone job interview, he and his wife sat down and started thinking of businesses they could start. They ultimately started their pooper scooper business to generate much-needed income and to fill a need.

There are people coming on the internet all day long who are searching for ways to make money online as well. This presents an opportunity for people who are in the work at home, home business, or make money at home niche.

Providing information products and programs that help people start a new business can be very lucrative. It also is a niche that never seems to run out of prospects.

This is especially true as we look at our New Year here in 2010 and all of the people who are struggling financially. For you to capitalize on this type of market you need to represent products that people are willing to purchase.

You also need to be involved in money making programs that teach people how to use the Internet to make money. Membership sites are a good of this because you can plug your prospects into them and get paid on a monthly basis.

These also take you off the hook of providing all of the information yourself. Plus you can feel good about hooking people up with a site such as this where they really will be helped.

Of course the best thing you can do is be a member yourself so you can pre sell your prospects on it. That actually is true with any make money or home business product you are going to promote online.

If you are involved in affiliate marketing for example you should purchase the affiliate products, write reviews of them, and then market the product that way.

Who knows how many thousands of people will start a new business in 2010? It certainly is more than you can personally help, but if you find the right products and programs to promote you can benefit financially.

Jeff Schuman helps people make extra money with his make money at home website and JV With Jeff free internet marketing training. Visit it now to find one real way you can finally make money online!

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