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Let’s try copywriting and rewriting.
Originally the term “writing” meant a kind of work closely connected with advertising texts and slogans of various formats including short slogans as well as articles with the expanded description of the product and its merits.

With the development of the Internet and site building, the term “copywriter” got a new meaning. This word is now used to identify a man who writes articles of specific topics and sizes to get paid.

Thus, you can compare a reporter’s job with this activity mentioned above. But unlike a reporter, a copywriter has got a more flexible job. He can have an opportunity to sell his articles. Moreover there are a lot of other distinctive features. But if you feel that the copyright is more important than money for you, then you’d better find a job of a journalist. For copywriters there are many markets and stores of content, where you can find work in compliance to your abilities and specific needs. You can find them with the help of any search engine.

Now let’s shift to another activity. I’d like to introduce a rewrite to you. This activity means the process of rewriting something which can be any finished material. Rewrite enjoys a considerable demand and there are several reasons for this I should say. First of all many webmasters want to eat. That’s why we they require a good content for their websites. Meanwhile, search engines impose tough sanctions to sites with a duplicate content. So rewrite is considered to be an excellent way to generate a perfect content. So search robots will be completely delighted with what they can come across. And it’s the most essential detail I should say. Moreover the authors of original articles also want to eat and the endless borrowing their works without quoting the source can deprived them of their legitimate piece of bread. Therefore, the authors of original texts are struggling with content theft. And I should say that the law is on their side. Properly rewritten texts can relieve this headache to a certain degree, because a revised text is a new intellectual product in fact.

To say honestly such an activity as rewrite is paid less than copyright. But this does not mean that this activity is supposed to be much easier, because the acquisition of experience and skills in this hard work is necessary. I should say. Offices, offering services of copyright usually offer rewrite as a related service.

I hope that you’ve just received a satisfactory amount of information regarding these kinds of freelance. I think that they are much better than web mastering because they don’t require special skills besides writing ones. So you can start writing profitable articles right now being at home all the time.

So you decided to make some cash online – congratulations. But it’s too early to drink champagne, because now you need realistic ways to make money online and what method will match you perfectly.

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