Secret To Getting Long Lasting Business Happiness

Whatever industry you work in, you will encounter people. Building any type of relationship in business is not easy and often not understood. I would like to inform you how to build relationships and obtain refer more clients without even having to ask for them.

Firstly you need a system to connect with your clients. If you dont have a dedicated system you’ll find it difficult indeed. One easy relationship system that i use is the humble greeting card. People have been using them for years to attract ongoing business because they add value to peoples personal lives.

No matter how skilled an individual you are, you can only accomplish so much before you need other people. In fact you need relationships with people. You don’t have relationships with budgets, targets, priorities, software, hardware, systems, or even teams. You have only relationships with individual people. Your success as an individual is connected with the relationships you have with others, those leading you, those who work alongside you and those who follow you. Greeting cards allow you to maintain these relationships.

Joe Gerard (Car salesman) is in the Guinness Book of records for personally selling over 1200 cars in a year. He simply sent every person that spoke to him a card in the mail. Joe states that “Your income is directly related to your ability to build and nurture relationships. The better you are at it the quicker your business will grow”.

Did you know that the average person is eleven times more likely to open a greeting card then any other piece of mail they receive? Makes Sense really. Ask yourself, what do you open first, your credit card statement or a card? Can you see why greeting cards are far more effective than fancy sales offers? Just as you would be more likely to open a greeting card first, so too your customers will rejoice to see you cared enough to send them a thank you card or on expressing an interest in what interests them.

Greeting cards are a Non threatening and an extremely positive business especially if you use a dedicated system that atomates things for you. With today’s technology card will help you transform your business and can even provide an alternative income for you too.

If you get into the habit of sending greeting cards to your Business clients you will find that they will thank you with repeat business and referrals without you even have to ask for them.

These days’ most people want to feel special. Greeting cards are fantastic to put that special touch on a relationship marketing campaign. Take the extra step towards superior positioning. Put your relationship marketing campaign into overdrive. Raise the bar of success with Greeting Cards. What you send out in appreciating others, helping others, seeking ways to bless others etc will always be returned to you and your family 10 fold. It’s a universal principle. Try it today. I garentee that you will make new money as a result.

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