Starting An Internet Business – Is Building A Website Necessary?

Starting an internet business is very tempting for many people. One question that often occupies peoples’ minds is; do you need a website in order to get started? I have put some thoughts about that in this article. I hope they are useful for you and you get something out of them.

Some of the most successful internet marketers are those who have built very large websites that rank well with search engines. The primary advantage of this is the potential traffic it can bring to you in the future.

Every internet businesses need sales if they expect to survive. If you drive paid traffic, for example to your affiliate website, you always have to spend money to make sales. This can become very expensive over a period of time.

If you build a large niche site that is optimized for search engines, you will get a lot of free traffic every day because of the high ranks your relevant keyword phrases have. This can literally save you thousands of dollars in advertising costs over time.

There are examples of internet marketers who do not have a website of their own and make very good money. Most of these people build very large email marketing lists and just promote directly to it.

Some affiliate marketers make six or even seven figures every year promoting their products using an auto-responder. Some of these people make over a dollar per month from every subscriber they have at their list. Imagine how much money you can make if you have tens or even hundreds of thousands people signed up to your mailing list.

As an affiliate marketer you would not need a website of your own because you could just drive traffic to your affiliate website. However, the key point is that you have the subscriber’s name and email address and can continue to mail to them additional offers in the future.

One popular thing today is to use a blog as a website. In fact these two terms are becoming more and more interchangeable today. WordPress offers an outstanding blogging platform that does most of the work for you. You can monetize your blog with affiliate products and earn money selling those.

One common way to do that is to put Google Adsense ads on your blog. You can also add CPA offers and just sell leads to companies. With a blog you do not need to learn any HTML code and the blog can become your website.

Here were a couple of tips to create a successful internet business. Whether you choose to have a website or not you will need people to view your offers if you expect to make money.

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