The Value Of Comments In Your Online Activity.

Unfortunately not all webmasters know the real value of comments. Every blog site like wordpress, blogger, etc offer the comments feature where the readers may leave their opinion under every post and page you publish on your blog. Comments are the great chance for the webmaster to increase the popularity of his blog, generate more readers and as a result make money working online – if this is one of the goals of the blogger.

First thing that gets the attention of the visitors when they come to your blog is the number of comments your posts have. If there are a lot of comments, the blog looks popular and the audience will want to stay on the page more and read more. They will reasize that if other readers comment a lot on this blog, it means that it is good and provides with the useful information. Comments may create a good impression of the blog in the eyes of the new readers and they may want to bookmark it or subscribe to your RSS feeds in order to continue reading. There is nothing better for a blogger than the audience who bookmark his blog and become the constant readers of its articles.

Comments also play a great role in improving your popularity among the Search Engines. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and others like the fresh and constantly updating information, so the comments that your audience leave refresh the content of your blog’s pages. Every few new lines that your visitors submit in your blog, dedicate to its value. Be sure that you regularly check the comments to your blog’s entries approving the good and relevant ones and delete the spam.

Also comments is the great method to be in touch with your audience. You can reply on the comments that your audience leave and make them continue the discussion of theposts and of the subject raised in the related posts of your blog. Your audience will appreciate if you take your time and discuss your post with them, thus they will feel closer to the author of the articles and will like to visit your blog more and more. On the other hand, this method will make more comments appear soon on your blog that will increase the value of your blog.

If you have a popular blog, you may want to take a chance and make income with it. There are many ways to earn extra money with your blog. You can add Google Adsense ads, join affiliate programs and place their banners and links or even offer the paid advertisement on your blog. You can find numbers of different legitimate business opportunities in the internet that will let you earn good money with your blog. If you like blogging it is great, but if you also make money with it, it is excellent.

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