10 Tips For A Good SEO Without Lying To Google

We have try so many “tips” to get a good search engine positioning on the web, but they violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines and their use could mean sanctions from the company that owns the world’s largest search engine.

There are completely legal seo strategies to achieve effective and grade level higher search engine rankings. Here are some tips on how:

1. Build atractive content, the only way to ensure visits to a site: generating quality content and trying to update it constantly.

2. Know the user: it is necessary to know the behavior of our visitors; in this way we can know who and why is reading our website.

3. Sign up for search engines: is essential for search engines to index our website.

4. Create site maps, a sitemap will give us the possibility that search engines robots automatically index all the pages on our site.

5. Having social presence: social networks open up and if you use them they will generate a lot of traffic to your website.

6. No spamming: Link farms or hidden pages are easily detectable and do not help to get a good position.

7. Offering subscriptions: Give your users the option of receiving updates on your site directly into their e-mail boxes.

8. Link Optimization: improving the quality of the links, is going to help the indexing by search engines.

9. Buy Online advertising: through platforms like Google Adwords, we can increase our customer base and ensure a quick ROI (return on investment).

10. Test, measure and test: this is part of search engine optimization, what works for someone does not work for everyone, and thus, we get a more personalized campaign and according to our needs.

Do not believe everything that is published there, and when looking for advice, try it across sites or persons responsible, and who are authorities on the subject.

The content of the site should always be growing and updated, if not the case, if you can, you should create a blog, search engines love blogs and give you the ability to add information easily and without recourse to an armed websites. Remember to put your blog under your domain and link from the normal site pages.

Make sure each page of your site contains text, if you have only one image, place a brief description and use the image alt tag to give a brief overview. Never fill the alt tags with a long series of words.

Do not use Splash Pages, known as the opening pages with a presentation and nothing more, are easy to spot because they usually have music and include a button “Skip this Intro” and are made in Flash.
If they have to put a button for jumping, should be clear that only serve to annoy the visitor. The home page of the site is the most important page and should include at least 500 words explaining what it is good site to search engine and the visitor, put a intro is shooting himself in the foot … luckily no longer see much as before.

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