3 Blogging Tips You Need To Remember

There are many blogging tips that concern certain technicalities of managing a blog platform. Today we are addressing one of the most basics aspects of running one of these sites. In fact what we are discussing here today plays the most significant role in the blog building process.

The ‘ritual’ of blog posting is sometimes undervalued and overlooked since it is one of the least technical aspects of blogging. This ‘ritual’ however sets the tempo of the site and is in fact what attracts or repels the blog reader. So what is it about our blog posting habits that attracts visitors and what can we do to maintain their interests?

Although there are many aspects involved in operating a successful blog platform here are the 3 most important components that need to be maintained. We will refer to them as the 3 C’s of blogging.


The very backbone of the blog building process is the content you produce. It is this content that attracts visitors and keeps the blog reader coming back. You want to gain the reputation of posting good quality information so that people will look forward to returning to your blog.


Your blog posting habits should be consistent so that people will know what to expect from you. Whether you post multiple times daily or weekly is up to you and the time you can make available for any blog posting. Whatever time intervals you adopt for posting try to consistently maintain it. Of course posting more frequently will help to boost your search engine rankings which will result in more people visiting your site.


Always encourage the blog reader to leave their comments or input at your site. Comments are a sign that your posts are getting a reaction and even more importantly that they are being read. More comments also tend to create greater sense of community at your site and this is something visitors look for.

Very often any comments left by your readers will contain useful suggestions and great ideas with which you can use to create more content in the future. Reader comments should not be taken lightly since these are the very people you are trying to satisfy. Their input is invaluable insofar as they are telling you what it is they like. By acting upon their suggestions you will create an even stronger bond and loyalty with them.

The blogging tips discussed here today may not be that technical in nature but they play a major role in the blog building process. These 3 elements are the very core of any blog and the attention you pay them will be reflected in the success of the site itself.

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