Are Link Exchanges Harming Your Business ?

Many of the high search engine optimization gurus tell us that we have a tendency to should perform link exchanges and tons of them in order to achieve the prime of the search engines.

However is that this still true?

Once if certainly was the case which was enough to urge yourself ranked highly. These days, with the huge rise in Net usage and websites, the search engines have wised up to the present and have advanced algorithms for working out your ranking. These are, of course, a closely guarded secret known to a couple geeks on the inside, and guessed at by those on the outside.

Many of the search engine optimization consultants are now telling us to be wary of link exchanges and to think about the following key points

one) Link farms. if your link is in what the search engines classify as a link farm then it may damage your ranking. A link farm is sometimes a web site filled with links, or a page with a high variety of links on them. If the link farm is organised into categories with solely a few dozen of relevant links per page, then it is less likely to damage your ranking.

2) Irrelevant sites. if your website is targeted on kids then having link exchanges with pharmacy and gambling sites could well hurt your rankings because they are not extremely relevant. Having links to different kids’s sites and sites connected to kids are doable abundant better for your rankings and will offer your website more relevancy.

three) Anchor text. the words that link from another website to yours are actually quite relevant to your search engine ranking. If the words ‘hello stranger’ were a hyperlink to your web site then it wouldn’t extremely does one a lot of sensible unless your website was regarding strangers. However, if your site was regarding children and your main keyword was ‘good parenting’ and you had links from alternative sites with the words ’sensible parenting’ being the hyperlink, this can be looked upon favourably by the search engines

When you’re exchanging links with anyone, it is value your whereas being discerning concerning the links. Yes, I grasp you would like as many links as doable, but you ought to think about the relevancy of the links to your guests, and additionally what your visitors would suppose of these links being on your site. If you had a website full of kids’s games and educational material and then tons of links to adult related sites, how keen do you think oldsters would be for their youngsters to go to your sites?

Forever take a look at if a web site you’re linking to has an affiliate program. If they do, then it’s value you signing up for it and putting the affiliate link on your site. Why? As a result of then when somebody follows the link and buys, you get paid for it!

By keeping your link exchanges relevant you can increase your standing within the search engines and provide your readers valuable further resources.

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