Choosing Affiliate Programs

Speaking about factors affiliate programs` owners should work on aiming to have more affiliates and keep good relations with them, we have to mention such point as increasing of the commissions’ size.

If the advertiser decides not to improve the technology and scheme of work with the affiliate program, then the correct decision in terms of partners for him would be an increase in commissions paid. If we consider the commission as the cost of acquiring a new customer, then 10 or 15% – a negligible amount, provided that the goods are sold, the essence of which involves further re-sale. For example, if the commission from sales of the book is 10% of its price, and the client, by a partner, bought the book for $ 20, it turns out that this new customer to the advertiser cost only $ 2.If the client is never nothing else to buy, this price is acceptable, but as statistics, about 25% make purchases in the future, this price becomes null and void, because in order to keep the buyer, the seller is not making any more effort.

A professionally designed Web sites and improved mechanisms for orders and payment
Not the most important but nevertheless a significant factor when choosing affiliate program is professionally designed website of the advertiser and visitor ease of ordering. Also very important is your brand, because once having acquired the goods under a certain brand, the buyer becomes acquainted with him, begins to trust him.

Yes, it is important, but this factor is often overlooked. Therefore, in the end it turns out that regardless of how well made the affiliate program, how high or how wide the commission a set of additional bonus, the client that which does not like the advertiser’s site without making a purchase and you will not get their money.

And the path is not from the owners of each site are not the same possibility for design, and not all are willing to allocate for a decent budget, anyway, a professional-looking, neat site may be made for minimum costs. If an advertiser wants to attract and good customers and a network of working partners without quality site it can not do.

The last aspect, which is important to mention is that one of the easiest to implement – either a decrease in the time space between the payments of a commission, or a decrease in minimum payable amount. This simple change can dramatically change partners view on the program. It happens after all that money, for example, paid 2 times a year and sometimes twice a week.
It is obvious that the majority of partners will feel safer by participating in the program, in which payments are made monthly, just a few sales, rather than satellites and six months, may be, hundreds of sales. Otherwise they will have to wait months before they know what they actually pay. This is probably the simplest and fast-improving, but it is having on the perception and impression of the affiliate program the most favorable effects.

One thing is for sure, affiliate programs must be a push to get closer, equalizing the kind of benefit from the advertiser. Some advertisers already took into account all these requirements, and the partners aim to take advantage of richer level of everyone else. It is no coincidence that both the most successful and popular affiliate programs.

The majority of programs grouped under the heading “Facelift”, offering the standard benefits inherent in many others and little that distinguishes them from the crowd. And there are those who are lagging behind; are those advertisers who believe that running a simple affiliate program with any quality one way or another will lead them to success.

Attracting high-quality and successful partners is the same task, may be more important than winning the hearts, minds and, ultimately, clients’ wallets. Betrayed, productive partnership network can be economically profitable, low-cost advantage over competitors, but your advertiser’s idea will be successful only in case, when you satisfy not only buyers, but affiliates also.

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