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Making cash with contextual advertising.
I consider a system of contextual advertising not only as a tool for earning money by webmasters. I’ll explain to you all very simple. Do not memorize the standard definition of this activity. There’s no need to grasp the meaning of empty words. So I’m going to give you specific examples that you can fully understand. For example you have a blog where every day you write your thoughts, feelings and desires. At this moment you may be busy with writing about a hike in the mountains with your friends or hanging around with your girlfriend. Then you’ll describe what a wonderful movie you have recently seen. In this case it’s very unlikely that you will find advertisers on your blog. And then there the only one question may arise. How can you earn? It’s that simple! You need to register in the system of contextual advertising and then just put a special code somewhere on your blog. A special system will automatically identify exactly that advertising that has been clicked on your current page and certainly you’ll be rewarded for this click. In other words this means that your wallet will receive cash with every click.

Advertisers are fully responsible to establish the price of click depending on different circumstances, of course. The system not only selects the most appropriate advertising, but also with a greater bid. It will be very beneficial for you. I hope you understand advertisers can’t have the same price per click. Certainly they vary greatly. But anyway you’ll get 5 cent for every click at least. Your advertisers will determine the maximum price for one click.

It’s high time to discuss benefits of this. The main plus is that you do not have to search for advertisers because in this case all advertising is being changed and added automatically without your interference, of course. It’s a real dream. You just put this code mentioned above and get your monthly money doing nothing at the same time. It goes without saying that you can find a suitable design for your website or blog, change colors, choose your favorite font, font color, etc.

Now just a few words about restrictions. In most cases sites on free hosting aren’t permitted to participate in the contextual advertising. Moreover websites with the attendance of less than 200 persons per night can’t also take part in this. Don’t hope that you can take parting this running a porno site. Of course you mustn’t ask your friends to click ads.

It should be noted that different systems have different content requirements to advertising sites. To cut a long story short the main and basic requirement to the site owner, who wants to become an advertising platform is to have the audience which can be interesting for advertisers.

Ok, you made up your mind to make money online – congratulations. However it’s too early to open champagne, because now you need effective ways to make money online and what strategy gonna work for you.

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