Get Acquainted With PHP

Get acquainted with PHP.
In this article, I will not tell you about why we need sites taking into consideration money making prospects you can face Here I just want to talk about the difference between sites created using different means.

It goes without saying that we need websites to earn money by selling goods via them or just waiting for reaching the minimum withdrawal amount of our affiliate program. Certainly choosing means for creating a website is considered to be a vital thing for any person who has made up his mind to earn on the net.

On the one hand we can take a standard HTML site, which is essentially a static one. To cut a long story short this site is composed of a certain number of pages with information that connected with links. Usually the number of pages on this site is not very big although there are exceptions.

Certainly since the number of pages is growing it becomes very hard to manage this stuff. For this reason many people cease monitoring the site or attempt to use any content management system (CMS). There are also people who are trying to learn programming languages for WEB to make their sites automated and certainly more manageable. But as experience shows, only a few ones are able to cope with this task and their sites continue to grow and develop.

Certainly we should find a proper solution in this case. I advise you to start creating websites with the use of bundles of normal HTML and a simple programming language for the web known as PHP.

The most important difference between this site those previous ones is that in this case such a site can be created as a set of blocks. This gives freedom. In other words now we can connect these blocks with the main frame and even if we have a site with 10000 pages and we suddenly need to change some element of the navigation, then this won’t be a difficult tusk. So you can edit any of your 10000 pages very quickly without any side effects. In addition, all useful information such as articles, description of goods and services, lessons, notes belonging to such a site can be stored in a database that provides a great number of advantages.

First of all this site takes up much less amount of space. The data back up is greatly simplified. As I have already told above in this case there’s a possibility to change everything you want for a short period of time. It is possible to count any information such as how many times and how many visitors attend a particular page and click a particular link, download a certain file and so on. Moreover you can use a great variety of ready – made PHP scripts. I can’t mention everything but I advise you to start learning PHP right now.

Finally you have a decision to make money in the net – congrats. But it’s too early to drink champagne, because now you need practical ways to make money online and what business model will match you perfectly.

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