Guidelines On Designing Squeeze Pages

There are lots of them on the World Wide Web. We all run into them each and every day but are they effective? Do they make you want to truly perform the thing they are asking you to do – which is typically to sign up for an email list? Whatever are we talking about? Why, squeeze pages, of course.

What is a Squeeze Page?

It sounds like it has maybe something to do with fruit. What you are squeezing is definitely not fruit but people. You covet their information for your list. It does not matter if you are searching for product sales leads or email subscribers, a squeeze page is an effectual way to obtain what you ask for.

A squeeze page is in essence a landing page. It can possibly be your home page on your site, although if you are conducting more than one marketing campaign, it might be a different page, the goal of which is to get individuals to opt-in to your email list in exchange for something. What may they opt-in for? It can be ezines, free reports, complimentary business analysis, free ebooks and the like. You choose who you are searching for and what media will search out the visitor’s names and email addresses for you.

These website pages are important because their only function is to urge the reader to complete an action that has been prearranged by you. The “act” does not include sales directly. You aspire to gain the confidence of your likely client before you ask them to consider buying anything from you. Indeed one great benefit you will gain at this time is a list of targeted subscribers that are within your target marketplace. Anyone who is definitely not interested will not sign up.

Employing a squeeze page as a product sales page can possibly attract people who are not within your target market. If you publish a website page that offers “get rich quick” scenarios, you are guaranteed to get oodles of takers but definitely not the ones you seek. As an alternative advertise a website page that offers “reputable website business ideas” and get the ones you want.

Characteristics of a Squeeze Page

Individuals pay a bunch of capital to have squeeze pages built for them. With this website page, you ought to pull out all of the stops to get seen by your niche. Subsequently, let’s begin at the top, the top of the website page that is.

1. Heading. People skim over pages whenever they read on the World Wide Web. Your headline may be the only opportunity to secure their attention. Sum that up in a few words and apply it as your headline: “The Ultimate List Building Solution!” Do not forget to draw on the same keywords you researched for your site.

2. Get personal. Disclose a story that is relevant to your theme. Possibly you had a bad habit you sought to beat. Provide the reader insight into your problem and how you solved it.

3. Get user-friendly. Use bullet points and numbered passages to gain the reader’s interest. Emboldened phrasing stands out and lets the reader take a quick look to find out if you have to reveal anything that they need to listen to.

4. The action. Don’t forget to incorporate what exactly you wish for them to accomplish. If it is signing up for something, inform them how to execute it and what they will gain. Have your opt-in form visibly labeled with a link to your website.

A squeeze page is one fantastic method of building a targeted list of interested folks who will hopefully turn into customers. They are a notable way to not only grow your list, but potentially your profits too.

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