Home Based Internet Business – Why You Should Purchases Your Own Domain

The had a simple definition of a domain name is its is a website address. It is important to purchase your own name if you own your own internet business for a couple of reasons.

If you are serious about building a successful Internet business at home here is why I say you should purchase your own domain name.

1. You want to use a domain name that is eye appealing When marketing your business online. Chances are you will have a bulky looking oneIf you join a business opportunity where they give you a name.

We have all seen domain names that stretch on too long and we immediately know that this is a salesperson, an affiliate marketer, or someone promoting a program. The chances of you generating quality traffic using this type of a domain name provided by the opportunity that you are in goes down.

On the flip side of that if you purchase your own domain name, and redirect it to your company provided website, now you have something nice you can promote. This is especially true if you use keywords in your domain name that describe what home based Internet business you are promoting.

Redirecting a domain name is very easy to do. And purchasing a domain name is definitely worth doing because it will only cost about $10 a year.

2. Many savvy Internet business owners understand the importance of building their own website. This is another reason why you would want to purchase a domain name and host it yourself.

The primary benefits of this are you control everything about your Internet business at that point. When you are using a replicated website for the opportunity that you join you are not in control.

If your goal is to build a long term Internet business you will want to add a blog to your website as well. Some people actually use their blog as their primary website and direct their domain name to it.

Another advantage to doing this is you can build an email marketing list for future follow up. Some Internet marketers purchase a domain name and direct it to a landing page where they capture their prospects contact information.

Doing this lets them build a large email list and their domain name can be used for that purpose only.

These are several examples of why you would want to get your own domain name if you have a home based Internet business. Always think in terms of what makes your business look more professional if you are seriously trying to create a meaningful income from it.

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