How To Choose An Affiliate Network?

How to choose an affiliate network?
You’ve built your site, you sell a product / service on it. You understand that the organization of the affiliate program will bring you even greater success, but you have neither the time nor the technical ability to develop, configure, and engage the support of the affiliate program itself. You decide that you need a mediator, who will take care of all this – namely, affiliate network.

So what should we pay attention to? What stands out for? Here are some tips to help you in choosing a partner network.
Make sure that you have been warned about ALL the costs that lie to you as an advertiser in this partner network. The fee will be charged a lot of different ways – this fee for registration in the system, the monthly fee, annual fee for renewal of account, interest, network with your fees paid to partners (and sometimes payment of interest falls on your shoulders, not partners) and so n .Make sure you know exactly how and when will you take your selected partner network.
Tip: Many affiliate networks (mostly new or small) will organize actions on a temporary decrease in the cost of participation to recruit more advertisers – it is a good way to save money.
Quality monitoring (tracking) of action
Reliable and honest tracking actions on partner sites – it is something without which do not. Affiliate Network must have the latest technology in this field, should provide detailed reports as you (the advertisers), and affiliates network.
What forms of protection can offer affiliate network for advertisers? This question is particularly relevant if you select the version of the affiliate program pay per click.
Unfortunately, there are a sufficient number of partner networks, whose work involves deceptive. Most problems arise when tracking commissions and with their pay (or rather, not paying) partners. Incidentally, the big players in this market are not always all-clear. Investigate the problem; do not enter into a partnership network that has a bad reputation among the partners. Remember that you chose a network – a reflection of you and your business in the eyes of your partners, and can both help and harm.
How many partners involved in this partnership network? If the number is either very large, or too small, try to understand why. Some networks include simply huge number of affiliates, but most of them – are inactive, unfit for gainful employment or generate too few sales. And sometimes vice versa – a small network of partners can generate huge traffic and a lot of sales for their advertisers. The best option is the balance between quantity and quality. You should also know what criteria the affiliate network in the recruitment of new partners. Fashionable even ask directly for its representatives, whether the network continues to actively recruit partners at this time.
From user support depends directly on the reputation network. A good affiliate network provides high quality services in support of both the advertisers and partners. Ideally, you should get your personal manager who will work with you to help your program to expand and gain success.
Direct contact with partners
As well as the technical support service, you must ask, is it possible to communicate with partners involved in your program directly. This ability may not be so sure to find out. For example, you can at one point to understand what any of your partners could work and earn much more effective if used several different promotional materials on its website. If you can contact him directly, you will have the opportunity to form a closer and mutually beneficial relationship with each of them.
Promoting affiliate programs
Once you enter into the system, which will make the partner network in order to convey information about your program to the partners? Release and press release? Do you make a list of new or the best network of advertisers? Affiliate network you can get good publicity.

Make sure that the affiliate network that you choose to work with you and for you. When your relationship with advertising partners, platforms and third party intervenes, charged for the mediation fee, you must clear idea about how much you pay and for what.

Affiliate Network is a very convenient service and tool, but before we rush headlong into a quagmire, carefully study the options, and then your affiliate program certainly will succeed.

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