Is SEO Really Worth The Effort?

With the foremost search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN seemingly changing their algorithms on a daily basis, it generally appears like you’re fighting a losing battle trying to keep up with them. We have a tendency to’re all constantly tweaking our websites and chasing links in a desperate attempt to grab, or hold on to, that elusive spot on the first page of results for our chosen keywords, thus is SEO really value the hassle?

Well firstly if you have optimized your website well, both through onpage and offpage optimization, and manage to get high rankings in the search engines, then you’ll be able to get a great deal of free traffic to your website, depending on how well-liked your keywords are that you are ranking well for. Therefore yes in fact in this instance SEO is most undoubtedly value spending time over.

The matter, however, is that if you’re launching a new web site and plan to induce the bulk of your traffic from search engines, you may finish up being disappointed because it will take many months before you even get close to achieving high rankings. This is often significantly true of Google and Yahoo. MSN is simpler to rank highly for, however this is often negated by the actual fact that a lot less individuals use MSN than Google and Yahoo.

This is why when I currently launch a brand new website I am centered more on receiving traffic from alternative sources, and concentrating virtually solely on building my very own list of subscribers. There are endless ways to start obtaining immediate traffic to a new web site and begin building your list.

I personally like to post in forums, write and submit articles to article directories and relevant ezines, obtain advertising in these same ezines, write and submit press releases, promote a squeeze page on traffic exchanges (if my web site is connected to making money on-line), credit-based safelists (free safelists are a waste of time) and alternative list-building services. I also like to write free reports and ebooks (containing links to my web site) which can be freely given away (and rebranded for larger distribution) creating a viral effect.

I still carry out the quality onpage search engine optimization techniques, and offpage techniques like obtaining keyword-wealthy text links from directories and alternative connected sites, but I currently not base my whole future profit model on obtaining high search engine rankings. My thoughts are that if they are available they come, but no matter happens so long as I keep building a listing of subscribers for every of my sites I grasp that I can always achieve smart profits irrespective of where I rank within the search engines.

It additionally eliminates any stress which will occur when the leading search engines modification their algorithms. I’ve seen several instances of long-established websites whose entire livelihood relied on the traffic they received as a result of being at the high of the search engines, but who suddenly saw their sites disappear from the primary few pages of results, wiping their profits out almost immediately. A number of these sites had no mailing lists either so that they had no alternative profit model in place.

Hopefully you can see that whereas everyone wants prime search engine rankings, it isn’t the be all and finish all, and certainly shouldn’t be used to base your whole business model on. There are numerous successful websites on-line who could not care less concerning SEO, and indeed are nowhere situated within the search engines. They depend upon different traffic-generating techniques, like viral selling, joint venturing, or recruiting affiliates, for instance, to make and grow their online business.

To conclude, while it is vital to pay some time optimizing your web site and getting links for SEO functions, spending several hours daily tweaking every page of your web site simply to please the search engines isn’t a productive method to spend your time. Instead you should be specializing in building your list of targeted subscribers, using different additional immediate traffic-generating ways where you’ll see results very quickly, and not have to attend many months before you’re ranking highly in the search engines.

Just keep adding smart quality content to your site, and providing a reason for your guests to come back to your site. This could have the impact of boosting your search engine rankings anyway, without having to pay hours on SEO, as a result of different sites can begin linking to you automatically, and therefore the search engines will usually reward your website with a better ranking if it is constantly updated with good content.

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