Is There A Magic Formula For Blogging Success?

A blog can be a foundation for your marketing outreach. Many companies have incorporated blogging into their internet marketing strategy. Sadly, a lot of businesses fail at blogging. Why? Simply because they use the blog as an outlet for pitching their products or services. What they need to do is provide helpful and actionable content, so that their readers could benefit or learn something from it. Let’s face it: there are millions of blogs out there, and the last thing you need is another boring or self-promotional content, putting everyone to sleep.

So, how can you use blogs to grow your business online? What should you do to get the most of this popular tool?

First and foremost, try to attract readers with a soft sell approach that provides useful, interesting and timely information. Eventually, it might lead them towards a purchase decision. I think the best approach is to find a little-covered niche or angle where you have a great deal of expertise. This way you will be able to position yourself as an expert and maybe even establish the leading blog on that topic.

What should you blog about?

1. Solve problems. If your blog provides specific solutions to common problems that your readers experience, with time you will be able to build a loyal audience.

2. Be provocative. You may challenge your readers with some controversy or provocative topics that usually generate heated discussions.

3. Encourage interaction. You will attract more readership, if you allow people to contribute their perspective.

4. Don’t waste anybody’s time. Avoid publishing “filler” content. Always put your best foot forward by providing valuable tips for your readers.

5. Feel free to share the load. Not everything on your blog has to be written by you. It is okay to ask your customers, partners, colleagues or even friends to contribute their comments, articles or perspective.

A few main reasons why blogging is important

1. Search engines love blogs. Posting new content on your blog makes it easier to attract more traffic. Each new entry creates a new page in the search engine’s index, which generates additional listings in the search engine’s databases. The sooner you update your blog, the more likely it is that search engine spiders will find it, index it and add it to their listings.

2. Blogs are inexpensive. Fortunately, free open-source software and intense competition have made blogging cheap or often free. So, there is no need to rely on expensive IT departments for routine operations.

3. Blogs are easy to update. Setting up and running a blog is an easy task, and most people are capable of doing that. Easy means more frequent updates. It also means increased communication with your customers. This may result in increased sales and improved bottomline.

Don’t forget that regular updates can be automatically syndicated all across the Web to other websites or into blog reading tools for people who read a lot of blogs daily. These updates can also be posted on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts or other social networks. This easy and automatic syndication of content across the Net helps you deliver your content to anyone who is interested. Once you decide to start a blog, you should commit to a long-term relationship with your audience. This relationship is based on consistent publishing and regular updates with high-quality material.

When it comes to blogging challenges are inevitable. Creating informative and interesting posts can be challenging. Please keep in mind that the posts should not be only about you, your products or your services. What you can offer is fresh information about industry trends, statistics or even some links to unrelated websites. Try to diversify your posts. Let the process go above and beyond just pitching your products. Make sure you do not overpublish or underpublish. I suggest that you find a middle ground-provide enough information to keep your readers hooked, but not enough to turn them off.

One more suggestion: Given the high traffic in the blogosphere, it is crucial that your blog clearly communicates your company’s priorities, branding and latest initiatives. Your blog should be produced or supervised by marketing or communications executives, because their input can help your blog reinforce your public image and maybe even generate new sales.

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