Keyword Domination On Google With Blog Links

One in every of the key ingredients that most search engines use when ranking websites is the number of incoming links. Google is well-known for using this formula in ranking web sites from the search results of specific keyword or keyword phrases.

One of the key ingredients that almost all search engines use when ranking internet sites is the quantity of incoming links. Google is well-known for using this formula when ranking web sites consistent with the keyword searches.

Let’s have a look at 2 key elements in the search engine ranking formula.

1. Incoming Links
Incoming links mean a link from another website, as an instance web site (B)to your own website (A).

Website B could be your own, or it may be another person.

Usually the upper the number of incoming links, the upper your web site will rank in the search engines.

2. Anchor Text
Anchor text actually refers to the keyword that’s being used in linking back to your web site.

For instance, maybe you have a website on dieting tips. At the time of writing this article, there have been a complete of 3.five million competing websites on Google for the keyword “dieting tip”.

An enquiry at Overture reveals there were 2121 searches done in April 2006 on the keyword “dieting tip”.

If you would like to rank high for the keyword “dieting tips”, then you would like to induce lots and lots of incoming links to your dieting tips website.

However, having many incoming links alone is insufficient to make sure a high ranking for your targeted keyword.

You have got to confirm that the keyword or anchor text used in linking back to your web site is “dieting tips”.

This will add even larger weightage to your ranking for the keyword “dieting tips” within the search engines.

So how will a blog work into this picture?

When used properly, blogs have the facility to assist you leapfrog in terms of your keyword rankings.

There are essentially two three ways to increase the amount of incoming links to your website thus that you’ll increase your keyword ranking.

a) The first methodology is to email alternative web site homeowners asking them to link back to your website using the correct anchor text, which is essentially the keyword that you want to target.

If done manually, this task may be a quite time consuming.

There are software in the market that helps you look for link partners as well as to automate the sending out of emails to these blog or website owners to request and ask them to link back to your site.

But, having said that, there is still the waiting time factor. You will have to attend for the blog or website owner to respond, and he/she would possibly not necessarily settle for your request for link exchange.

b) The second technique is to shop for or purchase incoming links.

Well, if you have the cash, you’ll be able to invariably obtain links to your website.

This technique is fast however can be quite costly.

c) The third methodology that I want to share is create your own incoming links with Blogs.

If you are using a free blogging service like Blogger, technically you may create tons of blogs. Then you may make a post to these blogs and insert the keyword that you wish to target and link it back to your main web site, during this case the “dieting tips” website.

There are already software in the market that permit you to create tons of blogs at one go, still on automate the posting.

The end result is a rise in the number of incoming links containing the target keyword. At intervals weeks, you’ll see your ranking easily jump up to the high 3 position.

This system may not go down well with ‘white hat’ search engine practicioners, who believe in obtaining incoming links the proper way.

However, in this article I just need to point out the tactic and technical feasibility of dominating any keyword you want.

A high ten ranking in the search engine suggests that more visitors to your web site and definitely a lot of subscribers.

If you’ve got a subscriber box you can capture these visitor’s email address by offering a free course or some incentive to sign up. Once the visitor joins your list, you’ll be able to then follow up with them using an autoresponder.

What entails then is after all a lot of sales for your online business.

Imagine how powerful this technique is and what it means to your profits and bottom line?

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