Make Money Online Writing Articles.

Without a doubt, everyone had already heard about the 80/20 rule, which reads as follows: 20 percent of partners earn 80 percent commissions, and vice versa – the remaining 80 per cent of partners collectively received only twenty per cent of the total commissions, earn from affiliate programs.
There are several basic principles that guarantee getting into those twenty percent of successful partners.
The best partners are the following:
Best partners conceal affiliate links

It seems it is not necessary to hide affiliate links, but it is not right. Strangely enough, but very large quantitative visitors partner sites refuse to pass on your links, if they see that they are partners in the status bar, mouse over the link.

Best partners write and distribute their own article

Write articles on products and services that you are promoting is very useful. First, people will consider you an expert in this field. Secondly, when your articles are placed other site owners and online journals, they give you not only reputation, but also links to your site that you include in your signature to each of your articles.
Best partners find their niche and stay there

Filling of the site content related to highly specialized areas, such as selling highly specialized products and services is the well-known method of attracting targeted traffic to your website. It is therefore important to choose the correct unoccupied, or at least, not beaten to pick out a niche and her partner program.

Best partners use mailing

Newsletters is a powerful tool to send a series of letters to all those who have subscribed. Most of the mailing is carried out through third-party services. Thus you can maintain a constant audience of the site.
Most successful partners provide product reviews

Creating pages with reviews, which will get users to switch to your advertiser’s site, pages that discuss and product is sold in advance that is a reliable way to increase sales in your chosen affiliate program. Many affiliate programs even provide articles or texts to be placed on partner sites, Menno to pre-order now.
Best partners collect e-mail address

Successful partners collect database of email addresses of its visitors, with the subscription form on the mailing list receive free electronic books, or the registration form. This allows you to communicate with potential buyers, who otherwise would never see your site again, repeatedly clicking on your link to the site of your advertiser.
Best partners advertise your site

Depending on your chosen market segment should be promoted or PPC-systems or in the case of electronic journals. Some categories of Pay-per-click search engines may be too expensive but any kind of advertising is simply necessary to drive traffic to your website.
Best partners involved in the search optimization

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