Measuring SEO Success: An Alternative To The WebPosition Visibility Score

Once you have undertaken an SEO project, you’ll need to monitor your rankings at sure time intervals to trace your progress. Several SEO professionals use WebPosition, software out there from WebTrends that may automatically track and record your rankings on most search engines for selected keywords. WebPosition saves SEO professionals the trouble of checking rankings manually within the search engines and can be set up, using its WebPosition Scheduler, to run at certain time intervals, like daily, weekly, or monthly.

One statistic that I don’t suggest in the WebPosition software, but, is the “visibility score”. Visibility score is defined by WebPosition as:

The Visibility Score table and graph provide composite scores that may facilitate your assess how well your web site ranked overall on the queriedsearch engines and how well it ranked.

Visibility Score is calculated by assigning a point price to the highest position achieved on each engine. A purpose price is solely awarded to the positions one through 30, with a foothold of one being awarded 30 points, position a pair of is price 29 points, three is 28 points and thus on through thirty that is given 1 point. The points are then summed for all engines queried in the mission.

This statistic, however, assumes that every one keywords are created equal. In different words, the visibility score treats all keywords as having the same ultimate price, and, therefore, no matter what the keyword, the emphasis is put on the rank of every keyword. As an example, a range one ranked keyword that receives one thousand impressions per month is taken into account equal in visibility score to a variety one ranked keyword that receives solely ten impressions per month.

However not all keywords are created equal – some keywords have bigger importance than others. Ranking high on a additional frequently searched term is typically additional advantageous that ranking high on a less searched term. Therefore how are you going to develop a true measurement?

Search Mojo developed a research engine optimization scorecard for our measurement purposes. Employing a simple Excel spreadsheet, we’ve found a means to incorporate the amount of impressions for each word into a visibility calculation.

In column A, we list our keywords. In column B, we have a tendency to list the number of impressions recorded by Yahoo within the previous month for each corresponding keyword. In column C, we have a tendency to list the rank for every respective keyword as provided byWebPosition . As a result of Google is the most used search engine today, we tend to use Google rankings as our main measure of success. We have a tendency to list the Google rank for each keyword in column C.

Then, in column D, we have a tendency to created an equation that multiplies the quantity of impressions in column B by the rank in column C: (Impressions) x (Rank)

However, so as to allow higher ranking terms a lot of weight, we tend to must additionally “reverse” the equation to allow terms ranked at position #one additional weight than those ranked at #10. If you’re tracking the high a hundred rankings for words, the equation would appear as if this: (Impressions) x (one hundred and one-Rank)

The revised equation will “reverse” the worth of the rank, creating a rank of #1 have a price of one hundred, and a rank at #one hundred have a price of 1.

We tend to then run these scores for every keyword and for every competitor’s ranks on the same keywords to work out how, overall, we have a tendency to compare with our industry competitors.

We tend to’ve found the scorecard technique to be a a lot of true predictor of our success – a a lot of results-driven measurement.

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