My Distant Work

My distant work.
A sharp sound of my damn alarm clock is persistently trying to pull me out of the sweet sleepy languor, recalling that it is a new working day, damn it all, I should say. I could hardly suppress my natural desire to break the damned alarm clock on the wall and abandon everything I have. I mean work, bosses, my stable salary and so on. Certainly my desire is to hide under the warm blanket for another hour or even 3 – 4. But the sense of duty violently grabs me, not giving me an opportunity to convert my dreams into reality. Barely moving my legs, I whip to the kitchen to shake myself with a strong cup of aromatic coffee.

Pouring at least a half – liter of coffee, I realize that I still want to sleep but at least the brain starts to work with less difficulty. At 7.20 I leave my warm and cozy home and go into the darkness, cold and slush. I have to spend about one hour and a half to get to my work, being in a damn overcrowded stinky bus, and as a result my legs are tired and I’m likely to vomit from intolerable “flavors”. So in such a way my working days usually start. It goes without saying that I can’t decide when I can go home, because it depends on a variety of nuances. Sometimes I go back home after work only close to ten o’clock in the evening, broken and tired. I haven’t got enough strength even to talk to children who grow very quickly. And so days passed quickly, day after day, week after week and so on. Certainly my irritation accumulated. I felt a constant lack of sleep which affected my performance and moreover the amount of my salary only increased my frustration from the surrounding reality.

I do not remember when I first came across an advertisement “remote work” on the net. So I made up my mind to try this new kind of activity. I had nothing to lose in fact. I though that some extra money couldn’t spoil my personality. But at that time I couldn’t imagine that my remote work was going to be my primary one.

So I decided to look for remote jobs, focusing on the ads, which talked about editing, writing articles, in fact, more than 10 years I worked as a reporter. I was lucky, because very soon I stumbled on one ad which appeared to bring me certain results. I realized that was what I needed. I registered and started receiving my first orders. Of course from the very beginning it was rather tough but then I got accustomed to it and even started getting pleasure from it.

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